Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm as cheerful as this happy gang of pansies!
Who wouldn't be, with two glorious spring weeks ahead of me to craft, garden, get out and about and relax. Today I started the day with a walk over to the nature reserve. Miss Dog discovered she could scramble down the steep bank into the huge pond that only forms over a very wet winter. The pond is deep at the moment, and she looked like a furry black crocodile cruising around. We returned home to our sickly Johnny. I plucked some eucalyptus leaves from over the back fence and made a brew with them. I added a few herbs for good measure, and poured boiling water over them. Then I enticed the sickly critter to breathe in the steam while huddling under a towel. It seemed to help a bit. He has been up and about a little today, and is now in his sleeping bag on the couch.

Meanwhile, after I did a bit of school work, I headed outside and started playing around with my tiny seedlings, pricking out a rather large collection of tomatoes into individual pots so that they can grow into big, healthy specimens (well that's the idea). I planted nasturtiums, cabbage, broccoli, baby bear pumpkins and mixed squash seeds as well. The jalapeƱos have made an excellent effort to grow, and the very first capsicums and hot peppers are just peeping out. The basil looks like it is going to be a disaster.

Johnny got the macro lens out on the camera and I did some experimenting. The poets are just starting to appear.
Somehow the yellow poppies managed to self-seed the best and I've got a big mass of them. I love their crepey petals and hairy stems.
This is one of Mum's seedlings, I think. It is quite a peachy tone.
And look at the silver pear flowers. Gorgeous!
I planted quite a few anemones this year. Their flowers fascinate me. It is a shame they don't cross breed well and make a big assortment of colours.

And most precious of all, our darling Monty. Relaxing on the couch.

After the outside fun, I got two panels of fabric ready for hand quilting. I iron them, then sandwich a thin layer of batting between the feature fabric and a piece of boring/hideous fabric (which won't show when complete). I use a spray fabric adhesive to keep them together, and also use quilting pins around the edge to keep everything in place while I hand stitch. They are destined to become cushions, or possibly a fabulous piece of art on the wall. We shall see. I promise I will show you!

Tonight we are having a roast. I had better go and get it out of the oven so that I can feed the poor critter on the couch.

Lots of love to Dad, who has a horrible bout of the flu and couldn't go down to Te Anau for the daffodil show. So disappointing. XXXXX

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