Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting organised

Look what Johnny made for me. We are working on getting the walk in wardrobe organised as we had an amazing mess in there. We got some plastic boxes to go on the open shelves - not pretty, but keeps things in order much better than jamming everything in a big tangle and hoping things won't fall off. I wanted gorgeous wicker baskets, but custom made ones would have worked best, and the plastic boxes cost a fraction of the price of those. I had fun putting my necklaces on the hooks. Meg, can you see the birthday big beads at the far left. Our wee neighbour brought her beads and some fishing line over yesterday, so I whipped up a big necklace for myself. I just threaded randomly as I didn't think I would keep it as is, but it looks fabulous with my new jersey and jeans.

Today I wish I had stopped to take photos, but I was very busy in the garden because we had sun. Yes sun! A miracle. I tidied up my potting table and planted tomato, various peppers, delphiniums, cottage pinks and basil (all seeds). I've got lots more seeds to plant next weekend. My little hothouse that I keep on the deck is full already. Johnny is talking about making me a tomato house along the fence. It will be ages before it is warm enough for tomatoes and peppers outside. I'll be pleased if I manage to grow some intentionally from seed. I've had plenty come up in the garden independently, frequently in completely the wrong spot and at the wrong time, but this time I've got King's Seeds Rainbow Mix and Cocktail Mix in trays. The pepper are sweet bell peppers, hot mix assorted peppers and jalapenos. I passed some shasta daisy pieces on to the crafty neighbour, and she passed some day lilies on to me. We also had a wee crafting session. Another bonus was a delivery of some big box plants from Mrs CT.

Roll on spring. I wore my daffodil skirt for the first time this year on Friday. I need some lovely warm days this week to get my seeds off to a good start.

Must go a fold some of the mountain of washing that we did today. Then I can put my clothes in my neat, orderly boxes.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...I love your necklace holder, what a great idea, maybe John could make me one for Christmas, would make an exceptional gift!!!

Sounds like you had a very productive weekend. I WISH I had been struck down by green fingers...I do like a nice garden but can find a million other things I would rather do than garden...especially now Henry takes all my time up!!

We had a pretty quiet weekend as Henry has a horrid cold but we went out a couple of times and spent far too much money at the supermarket.

Have a great week,
Meg xx

ps. Must get my daffodil skirt out as well, I never wore it last year. I think it would be great with my green boots xx