Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cat Kisses

I can't stop kissing Monty. He is utterly divine. I love him so much.

We've had a quiet day today. The weather has been overcast and cold. The lads got out and about, and B came around bringing cakes and a lovely pink Asiatic lily bulb plus an Odering's voucher. Mmm, plant shopping. I made leek and potato soup and brown bread. This was my second batch of bread made with wholemeal flour. It is tasty and great for raspberry jam sandwiches. It keeps really well, probably because I put a slosh of olive oil into the dough. I haven't felt very motivated today. Dad, Miss Dog and I went for a walk that took us through the domain (flouting the bylaw again) and through Stonebridge. Depressed about school tomorrow. Plus my birthday weekend being over and Dad going home.

More kisses for Monty xxx

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Gigibird said...

And a kiss from me....