Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome Rain

Today we are having a lovely rainy day. We have't done much around home. I was lucky enough to get a doggy walk in this morning early, before the rain set in. We then went to the Federation Coffee House which is owned by our friend and his son. They purchased it as a going (barely) concern and are going to build the business. It is on Manchester Street. Chris is an expert barrista and the drinks come in lovely plump cherry red cups with a giant jaffa. Well worth a visit.

Last Sunday I had a very busy day, despite the ominous threat of the beginning of Term 2 hanging over my head. I made a big batch of yummy soup.

With some ciabatta to go with it. Fabulous result and no dog lips went near the uncooked dough.

I also pickled some red cabbage. I love red cabbage with a passion. This batch turned out really well. I've been into it even though I am supposed to wait a month or so.

I also potted up my mixed tulip bulbs and rudely evicted some violas that self-seeded from the garden so that I could top them with colour. Plus I planted masses of polyanthus. Hope they are pretty colours. This is a wee sample of the pots. The pelargoniums will finish soon so I wanted lots of colour on the deck area to replace them over winter.

Here was a wonderful find in the garden. My artichokes, unharvested due to a very busy end to the year, flowering merrily. Actually, the word might be regally. They are gloriously mauve and sort of fuzzy, but with structure.
The furry child is shouting in a very aggravated way. Mr B broke the filter on the drier so is furiously engaged in a repair job. I have to admit I left him to it as it looked rather grim. Monty has lost me I think, and is mad no-one is there to make him warm and cosy. I am off to a 21st birthday party for a delightful young man who is extremely autistic and completely non-verbal. I started teaching him when he was 15 and even though he hasn't been in my class for the last two years we are still good mates. Oh, Monty has just pooed so that explains all the yelling. Well must go and get ready to depart for the party. I'm sure there will be some loud music as the birthday boy loves a dance. Hopefully I'll have an ANZAC report tomorrow. XXX

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Anonymous said...

Hey, great to see the blog up and running again, you do it so well ;-) MMM the soup and ciabatta looked fantastic. We have bags and bags of frozen roma toms and a big stash of pumpkins for winter soups. We had a great summer harvest. Ms L has been enjoying veges form the garden.. she loves roast pumpkin! Photos coming soon, love cwah XXXXXXXXXX