Saturday, April 17, 2010

Harvest Season

I love autumn, with the warm, fresh days, noisy birds, and treasures to be found. Last week I took a trip to the Nelson area, to the family farm. What a perfect time to go as the weather was perfect, and my little nephew was still a wee man (6 months old) and utterly delicious. I hope he stays as sweet and good natured as he is now. It seems daunting to think of him growing up.
While I was on holiday I helped my gorgeous mummy plant some of her daffodils. I have a pile to plant in my own garden too. There were edible goodies in the garden, and things to be made, plus a wander around the farm revealed treasures to be harvested.
Here is the vege patch, newly built last spring. I was very impressed with the vast swathes of beans and the enormous basil plants. Mum's reached at least 50cm high and my tiddlers are only about 15cm. Mr B is not that keen on beans so would be very pleased my plot has limited quantities.
Take a look at these amazing shallots! I must grow some this year. The onion family has done well in my garden to date. Clearly not as well as Mum and Dad's ones.
Mum was busy boiling up a brew of tomato sauce from an old Edmonds recipe book. Just like me she cooks her smelly pickles and sauces outside on the side burner of the barbeque. Stops the vinegar smell getting through everything in the house.

Sorry to say I haven't got a picture of the finished product as I was whisked away to Nelson to stay with my sister and family.

This sight warms the cockles of my heart. Curling up by the fire is one of my greatest pleasures. Even better if I've got a good book and a cat for company. Thanks for the firewood, Dad!

I love to hunt for food when I'm out and about. Driving back from Nelson to home I spotted masses of apple trees and other fruiting plants on the side of the road. I could just imagine Hugh F-W leaping out of his landrover to harvest some wild food. I was in the company of a less enthusiastic scrumper so had to window shop instead. Fortunately I had these beauties in my possession from the farm. Walnuts.
And sweet chestnuts.

I can sense a few nutty recipes being tested. I have to do a bit of baking for school lunches tomorrow. I thought I might make soup for tea and try making bread again. Unfortunately Miss Dog found my last loaves rising merrily into plump cushions and decided to help herself. No ill effects from the raw dough either. Her furious father made her stay outside for most of the evening. Hopefully tomorrow will be a success. I've got lots of school work to do, plus a whole pile of red cabbage salting currently to pickle. And the weather is so glorious for bike rides, doggy walks and gardening. Needless to say school is going to be a rude interruption to harvest season.


Anonymous said...

Awesome...I love having another Blog to read.
A very productive day was had by you guys...we changed the lounge area around, it is good...first fire burning merrily. Mrs D is confused about where she should be sleeping...she has tried both couches.
Keep on is great!!

Denise said...

Hi, great blog, very entertaining! The vege garden has had some work today, pulled out the spent corn and staked my Brussels sprouts, tidied and weeded and covered the silver beet with frost cloth to keep the pesky birds from turning it into lace. So it all looks tidy and I am going to plant broad beans when I find my packet of seed. Love to all the family, Mum. xxxxxxxx