Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stormy Surprise

We had a wonderful evening last night! We had friends around for tea, and when we took a stroll to the cemetery for a little look this is what the sky did:

The huge rays of light were amazing, particularly since they were coming from behind Mr B, who took the photo. It looks like a sunrise, but is a sunset.

In the morning there was no sign of the weather to come. The sun was bright, and I got two loads of washing dry. Mr B went and got the wood for the deck outside my workroom. The ground on Dirt Mountain was far too hard to dig, and I half-heartedly tugged a few weeds from it. Monty spent a long time exploring the garden. Then this happened:

The clouds began to grumble, and then opened up, sobbing relentlessly upon the parched ground. Victory is mine, Dirt Mountain! Mr B and I are avid storm chasers (in our own minds). The lightening was fabulous across the city. Mr B set up his camera and got one of the most difficult shots a photographer can achieve, a lightening bolt.

While all this excitement was going on, I tidied my workroom cupboard, cooked corned beef and made a steamed pudding that we, as children, affectionately called Blob Pudding. Thanks to Mumsy for the recipe, which was a great success. For some reason I had an urge to make a steamed pudding, probably because it seemed a fitting accompaniment for boiled corned beef.
Off to school tomorrow for a bit of prep for the dreaded term start. I need to buy some new tops for school too. Not looking forward to that either. XXX


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I like the one of the spectacular lightning. Glad the blob pudding was a success, did you get Mr B to eat some too? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Yum, Blob Pudding, can you post the recipe on your blog, I know R would LOVE it!! I promise I will update my blog soon. Love the photos, very cool!