Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lovely Old Things

I am feeling deeply uninspired today. It is super hot, and Mr B starts school again tomorrow. I've got another 7 days of freedom (and prep for school), so I'm not too pleased to feel like I can barely drag myself from one end of the house to the other. Yesterday I had a super busy day. I got up and made a sponge for trifle making. Then I did house work, including whipping the sheets off the bed to wash them as soon as Mr B had got up. I assembled the bottom half of the trifle. It was made with boysenberries and blackberry jelly. About lunchtime I decided that I had to make one of my embroidered hearts for our lovely friend M's birthday. I usually potter over making them for several nights, but I worked like I was doing piecework in a sweatshop. Especially amazing since I was helping Mr Puppy's mum out by making up numbers at her Tupperware party. That took two hours, and surprisingly, was actually fun. Tupperware do make great products, and they last forever, however the prices are astronomical. I did order a cool lunchbox which will be perfect for school lunches over summer. Plus I won an egg separator in a competition. Anyway, once that was over it was back to the sweatshop. Somehow I managed to get the embroidery finished and the wee heart sewn up, stuffed with lavender and filling and fitted with its ribbon and button. Then I finished off the trifle and we rushed off to Mrs CT's place. There we had a lovely tea around the new dining room table. It felt like a big family meal. Mrs CT made a delicious coleslaw with produce from her little vege plot. Pop over to Canterbury Tales for a look. My trifle went down well. I'd like to experiment with individual ones, but a bit tricky when you never know who might be there. The little heart was a big success. M is a lovely, special person. Even though she has gone through terribly tough times, she is always there with wise words and an incredibly positive energy about her. She is going to have a amazing year travelling. I can't wait until she gets back and I can get her to practise her reiki and massage on me.

I can hear Mr B pounding at the earth around the back of the garage. He is starting work on steps. I can't see him staying out there too long. I've got curtains to make for my room. I have some pretty tablecloths to make them out of. I got sheets for the lining. I'm feeling way too sluggish to do anything much, and would love a swim.

I will leave you with some more of the china monuments on the graves over the back. I find them fascinating. They are on graves from the 1910's to 1020's, so have lasted a long time. I noticed the one with the iris on it was broken after the mower man had been, and I must see if I can repair it before it gets scattered.


Tracy said...

Hi Poppy, glad to see you are blogging again.

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