Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Assorted Business

It has been a varied day today. Miss Dog and I went for a walk first thing. She was pleased that I let her paddle in the stream (more like a water race) that we found. I had to go on a mercy mission for Mr B to get him some devil's liquor (Coca Cola) as he couldn't continue his work on the deck without a liquid incentive. Fortunately it gave him the energy to go from this:
To this:
Miss Dog approves of the new development. She has that expression on her face because I cleaned out her ears moments before. One of them is quite gungy inside. She hates Mummy performing health related acts on her. Most health manoeuvres can be disguised as loves, but poking a finger with a baby wipe on it into her ears isn't exactly subtle. By the way, this deck is outside the master bedroom.
Poor Mr B has some yucky blisters, even though he taped up his hammering hand. He needs to wear protective gloves on his dainty deputy principal hands.
I got into a wee bit of gardening. I planted some more radishes after I decided that this lot were on the brink of going to seed. Aren't they a festive lot? Shame most of them are smaller than marbles. I'm fond of radishes. Jo Seagar has a recipe for roasted radishes in her cook school recipe book. Just roast them as you would any other root vege. Must try it sometime.
I'm rather proud of these babies. I put in two more rows today. They are little coriander plants. I am curry mad, and love coriander. Apparently some people have a taste aversion to it due to an enzyme or some genetic thing. They taste it very differently than other people. I think coriander is a bit of an acquired taste in plant form.
I also planted some more lettuce seeds. You can never have too many lettuces, especially with school starting again in a couple of weeks. Many salads required for lunches.
Monty had a busy time helping me to piece together the Kaffe Fassett quilt.
Shortly after this photo was taken he decided to leave my craft room when I popped out for a minute. When I got back I couldn't find two of the strips because he "wore" them down the hall to the bedroom. I got all of the central panel finished. Now I've got to decide on a border. I'm thinking of a plain fabric strip with a binding made of the leftover bits of fabric. Not sure if I will have enough because I used most of it on squares.


Anonymous said...

tHE QUILT IS GOING TO BE STUNNING! How quickly you have been making it. The new deck is awesome too, well done Mr Black, also a very happy birthday to you for yesterday. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey there...back at work today...it is a bit grim but ok plus I had a good sleep last night.
Yes, the cauli did come out of those strange cabbagy plants, one day they were nothing, the next a reallyy decent size cauliflower...amazing!!
Love the quilt, what will you do with it when finished?
The deck looks good also, Mr PB is very handy and clever!!
Have a good day and I will look forward to reading what you have been up to later on!