Monday, January 12, 2009

The Adventures of Hunca Munca

Here's the birthday boy, doing just what he wants to do on his special day. He is building a deck. Not really my cup of tea, but he is happy as a pig in mud out there working on his latest creation.
The ground is full of stones, which causes some challenges when digging.

We went to Thyme Cafe for brunch and will be off to Barbara's house for tea soon. I haven't been wasting time either today. I wrestled with the Christmas tree (yes, yes, I know I should have taken it down ages ago). Now the lounge looks very bare. Maybe I need to work on a display for the Chinese New Year.
I had a bit of a dig and tidy up in my vege garden. Now remember that this is a pioneer woman's garden. I'm making do with what I can find. My raised beds are wide fence palings screwed onto pegs. I'm putting one more in tomorrow. I attacked the "lawn" with the weedeater today. I love slashing things off with that. I put in Mr Cucumber and my black passionfruit today, as both were eager to start taking over the world. That's the spirit! I took the precaution of making a rabbit proof fence around them both, in case someone wants to be a vandal.

Someone else was making the most of the day. I felt guilty after waking her up when I was vacuuming, so I took Miss Hunca Munca out to play in the garden.
Here she is admiring the place where I just planted lettuce seeds. As she is rather fond of her greens, she is making sure everything is as it should be. The metal frame is part of a dear little seed raising house, minus the glass. I'm using it to stop Miss Dog from lying on the garden where the seeds have been planted.
Hunca thinks the compost bin smells very interesting.
And here she is checking out my second bin. Nosy little lady, isn't she!
So after such a fun time exploring she will be wanting a play outside every day!
Happy birthday to my darling Mr B. You are the best husband ever!!!! XXXXX

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RubyTwoShoes said...

Happy Birthday Mr PB...I hope you had a wonderful day!!
Doesn't Hunca Munca look cool cruising outside...a very happy wee the photos.
The races were fun, it was such a beautiful day.
Took Poo for a swim in the river after work which she always enjoys...only 4 days of the week to is going to be a loooooog week!!
Love to you bothxx