Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Darling Mummy's Birthday

Happy birthday Mummy! All the way over in France on the trip of a lifetime. I haven't got a fabulous photo of you. Next time we are together we must have a photo shoot and get Mr B to get a decent picture of the two of us. So I decided to put a photo on of what I think would have to be your greatest achievement. Us. (Plus one extra- Ryan, treasured son-in-law).

This was taken in the Botanical Gardens when we decided to recreate the famous photo of us as little people riding the 4 seater rocking horse. Unfortunately our search for the horsey was fruitless, and we ended up looking like a bunch of weirdos in the children's playground with no children. The boys couldn't wait to get out of there. Actually Meg and I couldn't wait to get away from the hoards of small children.

Oh, by the way, sorry none of us have given you grandchildren. Just granddogs, grandcats, grandguineapigs and a grandrabbit. You know the situation is pretty hopeless when one of your daughters says she couldn't possibly love a baby as much as she loves her dog. That wasn't me, by the way. I've already got 7 giant babies, and I don't need any more. There's always the seedlings.

For anyone who doesn't know my mum, she is an outstanding daffodil breeder and grower. She was even asked to judge a very important class in an Irish show recently. She is an international daffodil judge. I grew up with the annual daffodil season. During Spring, the only way to spend quality time with Mum was to go out to the daffodil patch and help her to hunt for show quality flowers. There was a brief time when I looked like a promising candidate to take over the empire. I won the Champion Bloom at the Christchurch Daffodil Show on my first attempt. I promptly retired from showing, having reached the pinnacle of success (in my opinion). Of course Mum has reached much loftier heights, and has created some absolutely amazing seedlings.

So dearest Mummy, I am so lucky to have you as my mum. May we have many more years of birthdays, the Crazy Snake, and the best pavlovas in the world. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to our darling Mum...all the way across the exciting you get to spend your birthday in!!
Yes, it was a sad day when the big rocking horse was gone when we went in search of it, replaced by tacky plastic kid infested playground implements...yes, did look dodgy, a bunch of adults, no kids and some rather obvious cameras...oh well...the photo you put on the blog is a goody!!
Love you MUM (and Dad), I am sure you will read this!!
Great post again Babe...Meg

ps. the lady rang...the Dragon Drops are ready!! Yay!! Still no working car so not sure when I will get down there...might have to walk the grandchild (Stellar) down there after work....

Sal said...

How lovely..happy Birthday to your mum! ;-)

MarmaladeRose said...

Happy Birthday to your mum. On the subject of peg bags, I can't stand the coat hanger type. They always slide along the line and get in the way of where you want to be pegging! The shoulder bag is better, cos where ever I am along the washing line, so are the pegs!

Poppy Black said...

Thanks for your lovely birthday wishes for Mummy Black. She is such a treasure. We are thrilled that she is doing her big OE with Dad. I was anxious about such a huge trip for first time travellers, but it has turned out to be an amazing adventure.

Thanks for the tips on the peg bag, Fi, and also thanks to Gigibird for the e-mail about the apron skirt. I don't need to worry about a top half cause it is just a cafe styled apron skirt. I was thinking about dress aprons (which would be very cool over my jeans, but I would have to be careful not to make them resembling a pair of dungarees.
Yay about the dragon drops! Hope you can retrieve them without a car. XXX