Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Visiting Nelson with a sore back

I woke up with a sore, stiff shoulder, neck and back today. I'm feeling rather decrepit because my backside hurts too. I had a course at school a while ago and had to sit on a hard chair for a day. I think I may have bruised my tail bone. The trouble is that I have to sit down, but I'm trying to perch forward. Hope it is nothing (but of course it is compulsory for me to worry and worry).

Anyway, we went to Nelson and met Meg. We had yummy souvlakis for lunch. I was thrilled to find a dress reduced by over $100!!!! It is grey and black, which are not really my colours, but will be great over pants or with boots in winter for school. I got a couple of pieces of fabric, which I will photograph tomorrow. There was a lovely quilting shop in Richmond. It had some lovely Kaffe Fassett fabrics, but I needed more time to properly consider them. We checked out the Designer's Guild fabrics in a posh shop. I love the big camellia patterned one, but will only be able to have it if I can find it in an internet remnant store as it is horribly expensive. Mumsy got some fabulous Sanderson fabric at a hugely reduced price, but I am an internet purchasing amateur.

We went to Meg's house and she showed me some of her fabric stash, and latest purchases. She has got a fabulous skirt collection. Miss Stellar was so pleased to see us. I shamed myself (well, not really) by taking a dose of Meg's painkillers and having a nap until they worked. And work they did! I can now swivel my head both ways properly and only have a minor shoulder twinge.

I just started writing a grumble list. I've decided that I would be much better to write a few happy things down, so here we go:
  • We had a laugh because Meg got some fabric for a couple of dollars a metre at a temporary fabric outlet store and we saw a skirt made out of it on sale for $195 at a local designer's store. That's a good mark-up!
  • Merlin is a very happy rabbit. He is looking the best he has looked in ages.
  • I have almost finished the quilting of my first "squares" quilt. I am stitching in the ditch.
  • I got a great book about quilting that tells me all about various techniques, and show them step by step in photos.
  • I ate chocolate today.
I'll put a post in with photos tomorrow. Hopefully wont be grouchy too! XXXX


Anonymous said...

Hi Babe, I had a lovely day as well, glad the painkillers worked on the back...hope it is good today!
Lots of rain last night but nice and bright today.
Have a great day. Love you, Megxx

juniorwashbourn said...

So when are my buddies coming home - I KNOW you are here for the estate picnic on Sunday, but holidays are not the same with your tribe out of town - come back right now!!!
Have had great weather but might turn to custard this evening - NOT denheath custard slices, ut yukky weather!!! Come home soon!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your back is feeling better.