Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sisters together

Meg and Ryan arrived last night with Miss Poo. Today the boys were plotting and scheming to create an outdoor movie theatre. Apparently they have succeeded. I'll be out there in the cold later watching I am Legend. Ryan tells me that the dog will die and I will cry. I'll be going "It's only pretend, It's only pretend" over and over to reassure myself.

Today we all went into Motueka to have a look at the shops and buy a vast amount of groceries. Nanny believes in being prepared for any eventuality. Ryan is making a chicken pesto pie for tea. We are having checkerboard potatoes too. They are halved potatoes with their skins left on. The cut side is scored like a checkerboard. They are seasoned and brushed with oil or butter, then baked in the oven. The checkerboard pattern opens a little as they cook. I love them.

Sorry about the lack of photos of people. The ones I took were not all that flattering, and I promised they wouldn't end up on the blog. You can see me with the dogs. Meg called me The Dog Whisperer. More like the Dog Yeller when they are naughty. I'm sitting on the edge of a water trough. Lucky the furry hordes didn't tip me backwards into the water!

I love the colour of the shed by the daffodil patch. Mum and Dad grow zillions of daffodils. They are on a tour checking out Northern Hemisphere daffodil growing. Actually, I should raid Mum's photo files and find some photos of springtime on the farm to show you.

Ryan has been busy making his chicken pesto pie. Nanny says he is such a good boy. Well, she'll be saying that until she sees the pie. Most people trim their pies with pastry leaves, twists, and other assorted traditional items. Ryan, however, has adorned his with something I cannot even show you on my blog. Let's just say, his experience as a nurse has given him an excellent knowledge of anatomy. Lucky Nanny has a wicked sense of humour!

By the way, for my loyal American readers, I am ignoring the computer shouting at me about my English spelling. It really wants me to convert to American spelling. I'm standing firm. After all English Country Living is my favourite magazine. It is almost ANZAC day. More about that tomorrow. XXX

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Dianne said...

Thanks for sharing, Poppy. It's fun to read about your life on the farm and see your dogs in action. I love the color of your hair!

lol, :)