Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rain, rain and more rain!

It has rained all day today. Never mind. It has been snug as a bug inside, and refreshing when I took Miss Dog for a run around the paddocks. There was much excitement from one of us when I found lots and lots of fabulous toadstools, and even a few field mushrooms. This weather is perfect for fungi growth. So I think I might need to start another blog about fungi, and other fascinating things. I wonder if I can handle three blogs. Currently I am not really taming the chocolate baby, due to Nanny being chief cook around here.

Today we had a visit from the gorgeous Miss M. and her daughter Missy R. We were all very pleased to see them as it has been about a year since I last saw them, and they are back in the family fold once again. Long and complicated story! Anyway, Miss M. loves pretty floral things, so guess what? I've got plans for another quilt! I've got three underway. Here is the latest project. Yes, that is Henry helping again.
Just after I took this photo he proceeded to undertake a long and complicated bathing routine, involving a variety of complex yoga moves. Needless to say, he showed no respect for my careful placement of patchwork squares. This quilt is for Meg. I'm going to get the sewing machine dancing along shortly. I want to do a pink border (preferably a matching floral) and then a blue spotty binding.

On the subject of pretty things, these are my new pillowcases from Wallace Cotton. They came with a fabulous quilt, which I have already pressed into use due to the inclement weather. Nanny gave me these for my birthday, which is not until August, but I like to spread the celebration out. I'm intending to put them in my spare room at the new house, but will probably end up wanting to be in there all the time just so that I can look at them. Don't think I'm strange, but I'm seriously thinking of painting my studio the pink of the background of the pillowcases. Remember, it might look yucky on your computer screen, but in real life is so sweet.

Miss Dog sends her greetings. She has taken over Daisy's chair and the cats are now daring to use the cat door while she sits there. Maybe she is invisible in her black furry disguise.

Oooh, Henry just brought us a present, and deposited it on the mat by the fire with a satisfied "Yeeeowl." A dear little mousie, unfortunately (or fortunately- depending on how you look at it) deceased. He went straight for the food bowl and had a munch. Maybe he didn't want fur between his fangs. Considering the weather, and the level of catly activity around here, it was a remarkable achievement to bring home a snack.

Here is Oscar making the most of a warm fire and cozy blanket.

Siamese Twins? No, just Lily and Henry having a hug.

Yes Mum, I've got the towel ready for damp cats returning from a quick foray into the garden.

It is just Mr B, Nanny and I at home now. Ryan is off to Canberra for a conference. Jim has headed back to the Bay for work. Meg is working tomorrow. Have a lovely week everybody! XXX


Anonymous said...

Wish I didn't have to work this week, it would have been fun doing stuff together but we will have a nice time when you come over to Nelson!!
My quilt looks fabulous!! Yay!!
I bet the cats go in and out just wanted to get towel dried...sometimes I think thats what Stellar does!!
Have a great day tomorrow,

Sal said...

Look forward to seeing your finished project. I love the pillow cases too;-)Sal

MarmaladeRose said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the new quilt you are making, especially the fabrics!I love patchwork quilts made from squares, they make me feel all cosy and safe, not so keen on more intricate patterns, but squares are scrummy! I must say if my manky cat had sat on those lovely fabrics he'd have got short shrift I can tell you that!
I'm a bit of a foody too. Just as well really, as in the real world I cook in a pub kitchen every day! Well someone's got to keep the resident dart, dominoes, football, quoits teams on top form eh! Fi x

Mary said...

Glad you have been out and about enjoying the waterside - looks lovely there. Your cats are gorgeous - bet you have fun with them.

Your recent post on your Poppy was very sweet and thought provoking - he was definitely a special gentleman - and a fabulous gardener!

Have a great week.