Saturday, March 29, 2008

My first quilt almost finished!

This is my first ever almost completed quilt. I used New Zealand themed fabrics appliqued together and layered then quilted.

Oh, how I love my sewing machine. The automatic needle threader and thread cutters are features I wouldn't want to live without. I am using the free motion quilting foot. I popped it on in about 1 minute which was a surprise after I tried to use one on my old sewing machine.

Monty is making sure things are up to scratch.

This looks good enough to take a nap on.

Wait until I've finished, Monty! Now I just have to work out how to put the bias binding on (see, I told you I am an amateur), and I will have my very first finished quilt.

PS. We met with a builder for our new house today. He likes cats. A lot. I like him. Especially when I saw the cat hotel he built for his black and white furry gentleman. We saw some of his work for humans and were also impressed. He is getting quotes together for our build and we will meet again once that is organised. Mr B and I are thrilled. XXX

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