Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Friend for Miss Dog

Miss Dog and I were invited to play at Dorota and Saba's house after lunch today. Dorota made a delicious poppy seed cake which we enjoyed while Saba the Boxer and Miss Dog tried to decide who was the boss. They had never met before, and Miss Dog was super good. Plus she was really gentle with Dorota's children. I was thrilled with her. We all trooped down to Jellie Park where the dogs had a thoroughly brilliant time playing in the water. Miss Dog was like a black hairy crocodile cruising the Nile among the bobbing ducks. I was pleased that she showed no interest in eating them. She came whenever I called her too, except when greeting a strange dog, at which point her ears turned into pieces of vintage black velvet. Strictly for decoration. Saba decided she was the boss because she wouldn't let Miss Dog keep a couple of fat sticks that she fetched from the deep water (Saba is a wimpy swimmer). She has a ferocious growl which Miss Dog decided wasn't worth messing with. I still think Miss Dog thought she was the superior hound. Well, fun was had by all and we hope to repeat the experience very soon!

Now take a look at Monty- is he not the picture of comfort in Grandma's quilt. I love the way his wee arm is casually draped down the front of the couch.

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Rubytwoshoes said...

Crikey, if I was Miss Dog I would be a bit weary of Saba as well, I think Boxers look a bit menacing but I am sure she is an absolute darling!!
Off to walk Miss Poo now, it is hot and muggy but she is keen to go so we will wander the streets for a while.
Miss youxx