Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A week on the Sunshine Coast

We have returned home after our brilliant holiday. It is hard to choose pictures to show you as we took so many. We stayed at the Mantra in Mooloolaba. Gorgeous views. We even saw whales from the balcony. It was incredibly hot and sunny. I am more of a Spring temperature girl I think. There were thousands of bikini clad creatures decorating the beach. I spent a lot more time in the rockpools than I did sunning my palid body. I have decided that I want to be able to wear a bikini without shame. I am sure a bikini would be suitable for exploring rockpools, don't you? We visited the aquarium, Australia Zoo and took a day trip to Fraser Island, which is the biggest sand island in the world. It is absolutely smothered in wildlife and plants, which is incredible. We had a swim in Lake McKenzie. Such a stunning, clear lake. I will add some more stuff about the holiday in the next couple of days. We are off to spend a heap of money on the deposit on our section. We met the house architect yesterday. Mum and I are all excited about the possibilities of finding delicious fabrics on E-Bay for the curtains and cushions. Brilliant!
You can see the view from our hotel room, wombats having a love with their keeper, me with a seaslug telling me it is annoyed (they don't have a brain, so it can't be too traumatised by meeting me), looking out over the rockpools (our hotel is not far behind me) and the amazing Lake McKenzie.


Rubytwoshoes said...

I want one, I want, not a sea slug (yucky...just as we discussed yesterday...gross)..but a wombat, are they not the coolest creatures ever??... even hearing that they have hair like an old mans beard doesn't put me off...Glad you are back safe and sound and had such a brilliant timexx

Gigibird said...

I was wondering what the hell was going on with the wombats!
Rather you than me with the sea slug…..
Glad you had a lovely time

Poppy Black said...

It was so hot and the wombats were enjoying a dig in the damp sand. The keeper was giving one of them a scratch around the ears and it looked so relaxed and happy. Another one came bounding over when another keeper came up and started digging its own hole, flicking sand over everyone else.

Poppy Black said...

Sea slugs are not at all gross, in my opinion. They feel really soft and velvety until you pick them up. They are incredibly long when feeding, but once you disturb them they go all thick and hard (yes, sounds familiar, I know). Then they feel like rubber. They eat sand, take out the nutrients and poo clean sand out the other end.

Gigibird said...

Now you have explained sea slugs I might want one....if they would breed a strain which did all that cleaning in my kitchen:)