Saturday, May 3, 2014

On my knee tonight

Yes, another edition of craft in action. Apologies for photos being a little lacking in sharpness. Ipad just doesn't cut it for blog photos, but it is so easy. 

Tonight I'm working on another hand quilted cushion. 

This is the fourth of these cushion panels I have tackled over the holidays. I have had them lying around for ages, and when I decided to finish some neglected projects, these came to the top of the list. I'll have a summary of works carried out in the holidays tomorrow. This one wont be finished, as it is too much fun to hurry, but I do have a gorgeous one I haven't shared yet. I hope you don't get too excited to sleep while waiting!!! 

A big box isn't the best way of organising threads, but I do love digging through all of the reels to find the perfect colour for quilting. I must confess that I use whatever thread matches in colour to the area I am quilting, regardless of the quality. I was given many of these, and lots are lovely vintage ones. I have discovered that my sewing machine throws wobblies with cheap polyester threads. Actually yesterday it was highly upset after I accidentally hit a quilting pin, snapping the needle. I inserted a new needle, started again and a second needle snapped, shooting across the room. Safety glasses crossed my mind as I headed in for another go, but all was well. The second needle must have had a flaw in it. 

Mr Mouse discovered a hidey hole as close to me as he could be. 
He popped himself into one of the shelves in my craft desk. He loves to sit on my chair, or on quilts I'm trying to machine quilt, so I have had to put the big beanbag right next to me while I amd sewing so that he can snuggle happily. Miss Dog is never far away. 

We mustn't forget to mention my other darling animal friend. Mrs Zanny and I had a lovely relaxing ride out around the triangle block today. She was in a jolly mood, and she was a fabulous companion. Unfortunately she has another loose shoe, which was temporarily tacked back in place. Hopefully she'll keep it on for another few days until the farrier comes. I returned home with two lovely pumpkins from the farm pumpkin patch. The crop totalled more than 70!!!! Pumpkins love rotted horse poo, and the farm pumpkins grow on an old manure pile that has been flattened out. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the holidays. Every day has been a joy. I'm so looking forward to the next one already. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.
Sorry the holidays are over but glad you made the most of it.
Enjoy tomorrow,

Anonymous said...

You have made the most of every day! Great yo hear. Love the fabric and cute Mouse. Xxx