Monday, May 12, 2014

Mr Kitten settles in

It has been a big day for our little man. He has checked out his new territory, and found plenty of places to rest.
 He has played the piano for the first time. He even drew blood! Oops - Johnny's finger got in the way of a game.
 He has made friends too. Mr Mouse is rather pleased to have a brother, I think.
 Mr Kitten has worked out that the enormous black dog is actually very friendly and harmless. Just like his brother, Mr Kitten likes to drink out of my water glass. He loves cuddles and is quite clumsy. He's also vociferous, and announces his requirements to his new slaves in no uncertain terms. I am surprised at how loud his voice is, but it is handy to know when he wants something. He tells us when he's hungry, needs the toilet and when he is looking for someone. Dear little man. He has firmly established himself as a member of the family already.

I was excited to find this gorgeous book when I was out and about last week.
 It has the sweetest projects in it, and I want to make so many of them that it had to come home with me. It is by Helen Philipps, who has her lovely blog here.
 I adore the fabrics she uses, and all of the sweet things she makes. I decided to have a go at making my own flower garland over the weekend.
 My wee "flowers" are a bit wonky where I sewed them shut and didn't push enough stuffing in, but they are cute wee things. I even had similar fabrics to the ones Helen used to make her ones. Once I have found a place to hang my garland, I'll have to show you the completed project.

I was pleased with our wee ANZAC tribute at school. My blog doesn't usually enter school territory, but these projects were so successful I'd love to share. We made delicious ANZAC biscuits.
 Everyone painted a huge red poppy.
 And for Mother's Day we made poppy brooches and sewed the button in the middle on to join the felt petals and leaves together.
Not sure if the mums will wear them, but they made a pretty sweet gift. My teenage students have special needs and it is a big challenge to create things like these, but everyone was really engaged and pleased with their creations.

I hope everyone has a creative week!


mcdaff said...

So glad Fergus is settling in okay, he is very beautiful. The Anzac tributes are lovely, love the big loud red poppy. Have a good day tomorrow. xxxx

Jooles said...

Mr Kitten is adorable!
What lovely gifts to make with your students x
love Jooles x x x

Helen Philipps said...

Love Mr Kitten...and love your pretty garland!!
Helen xox