Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Horses and Hexagons

I had another busy day and yes, I did fit in a ride. Mrs Zanny got a surprise when my horsey friend and I both arrived to catch the girls because Tara needed her feet trimmed. She decided to give us the run around, heading up the top end of the huge paddock, the trotting and cantering in circles around us. Naughty girl. I caught her once Tara was led out of the gate, and she acted all innocent, like she was a big hairy brown angel. 

Farrier day is busy, so there were lots of comings and goings in the yard. Zanny gets to hang out with the big, powerful sport horses. I find it all really fascinating. After the performance in the padddock I told Zanny we would be working in the arena. My horsey friend came out with her lovely boy, who is always a good companion for Mrs Zanny. We had a great time, and I worked really hard on trotting, balance, speed and steering. I was very happy with her. 

The foals were brought in for a trim with the farrier too, and they were good girls. They are cheeky, inquisitive creatures, and look sweet wearing little winter covers for the first time. I should have taken photos but I was filthy. I washed lots of mud off when I got home. 

I was trying to decide what project to tackle next, and have had hexagons in my mind for quite a while. I collected some Lecien fabrics together and sorted through them, trying to decide what worked best. I decided on a more co-ordinated group for a large hexagon pattern which has been updated a little with chevron sashing. The remainder, plus offcuts from the bigger project will be used to make chair cushions for the dining table. I want a real scrappy vintage look for those, but will still edit the fabrics to please me (no brown!). 

Photos today are Ipad ones, so not as sharp in the dim light of a cloudy day. 

I adore roses and spots. Perfection!
And suitable company for an hour of sorting and ironing:

Lovely, lovely, lovely! 

Chatting today, I found out that my lovely horsey friend is keen on the idea of making a quilt. I bet we'd get on just as well over a pile of fabrics as we do over our horses. I wonder what she likes? It amazes me how one thing can appeal to someone and be hideous to another. Yuck, brown. I loathe it unless worn by a tree or an animal. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great horsey day. All okay here, our visitors will be in the North Island by now. Xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a productive day. I hate wearing brown also, apart from my lovely brown boots. Of course my favourite animal is brown but her brown coat is all natural!!

Love you guys,
Meg xx