Monday, April 28, 2014

A trip south

We went on an expedition south to Ashburton today on some family business. The rain was terrible, pelting down and making enormous puddles. Once we had attended to business we had lunch at the Speights Ale House, in the company of my gorgeous cousin Emily. Different Emily than horsey Emily, but also very horsey. Confusing. 

I think the very best thing about the day was seeing Emily's dearest, darling foal, who is half Gypsy Cob. He is absolutely stunning, and so different from Aria and Fergie (who are also divine, but leaner). I wanted to stay and cuddle him all day, but it was very soggy, so we had cups of tea, chocolate and gingernuts in the warmth, then headed home. 

Mr Mouse has been outside in the dark and has now come in, thank goodness. We worry about our furry cat child when he is adventuring. 
He looks rather grouchy. 
I was a bit tired after our big morning, so there really hasn't been any action in the craft department today. I did admire my almost finished Dresden Plate. 
I have to make a Suffolk Puff for the middle tomorrow. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad the trip south went well and that you had a good day. Emmy phoned tonight, sounds like there is real progress being made.xxxx