Sunday, March 23, 2014

Zanny redeems herself

Two blog entries in one day. Well, you don't get photos with this one. I was so pleased with Mrs Zanny today that she deserves a mention. I'm sure that after reading that she was ill mannered yesterday you couldn't possibly think of anything else until the situation was resolved. I was a bit put out by the whole thing because we have been going so well. Speed control has been lovely, and we have been working hard on my balance. Yesterday just getting from one place to the next without snorts and eyes on stalks was tricky. And she had one speed at trot - fast. Not only fast but fast with zoomy short steps so I was forced to do my rising trot at high speed. Not good for balance. 

The other notable event during our Saturday ride was one of her super spooks taking place in the arena. If she's going to spook the arena is a safer place for her to do it, but suddenly spotting nothing (but possibly a big tiger that is going to eat us both) during a high speed trot, shooting sideways, then spinning around to face the other way is a very naughty thing to do. I made her repeat the same circle at walk and trot until she gave up snorting and peering in horror at the corner of the arena. 

We finished our ride yesterday with a reasonable trot circle (quick- out of there on a good note before it all turns to custard again).

 I was really disappointed, but decided it must be the flush of green growing after the big rains and though we'd be just the same today. But no, I had a different horse with the same name! Calm, sensible, obedient, trotting beautifully, circling easily and generally being my lovely girl again. Weird. I even worked on my canter, almost losing a stirrup at canter for the first time, and wrenching my shoulder blade in the process as I tried to keep my foot in place (????? what?????). I am the only person I know who can damage a body part completely unrelated to the part doing all the work. It didn't matter. I thought a neck strap might come in useful for canter training, so I must remember to dig one out. 

We might be off to our first dressage competition in about three weeks, if I can enter doing a walk trot test. We are not tidy at canter yet, so that will have to wait. There are only two walk trot tests, and the competition is not running a class at that level, but the organisers may allow me to do my own wee class. Then we have to enter the big time and do canter. At the moment it feels like my backside is like a rubber ball bouncing with every stride. 

So Zanny is my star again. I also got to meet the dear new wee baby on the farm. No, not a foal, a real, human baby. She is a wee poppet with lots of dark hair, and rosebud lips. Three days old. I wonder what the future holds for her. I look forward to being around to find out. 


Anonymous said...

Hi there...glad Zanny isnt going to the knackers yard after her performance yesterday!!

Dressage competition sounds good.

Meg xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, strange, but great thatthings went well today. Xxxx