Sunday, March 9, 2014

It feels like jet lag

I am struggling a bit with the dark, dark mornings now the season is changing. I do love Autumn, as the days can be so lovely, but getting up is horrible. Mr Mouse let me have two sleep-ins this weekend, but I still feel clogged up in my brain.

I might not have been the sharpest, but I did have two fantastic rides with Mrs Zanny. Yesterday we worked in the arena, and I worked hard on my trotting skills- rhythm, speed, balance and position. I did some sitting trot, which means staying firmly in the saddle, instead of rising up and down with each stride. Zanny has a great trot for sitting trot, and I had so much fun I was giggling away. I crossed the stirrups over and did some walking around the arena to work on balance. Maybe we'll start trotting without stirrups soon. We also worked on cantering, which is always a bit hairy, but I just need to do more of it. Zanny is stumbling much less, thank goodness, so I am more happy to work on cantering. It is alarming when her back legs falter under her at speed. 

Today we headed out along the road again, and succeeded in passing the spooky hay shed without any trouble. The bird scarer went off right near to us, and although Zanny jumped, she didn't try to head for home today. What a good girl. The ride at the beach really boosted my confidence, and she is happier as a result. 
There really isn't much to report around here. We have settled into a weekend routine of housework, gardening, riding, visitors for afternoon tea then dinner. By then we are both pretty tired and ready for a quiet evening. We did go out on Friday night to Costa's Taverna and had a tasty Greek style dinner. They do mini desserts, which are little versions of their big puddings, and just right after a big feed. I love pudding, but I usually don't need it after a restaurant main meal, so the dear little chocolate mousse encased in a chocolate shell was utterly delicious. Next time we go there I'd be tempted to just have an entree and a big chocolate mousse pudding- yum!!!

Wish I had a pudding now. 


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I know what you mean about the dark mornings...wish the weekend was longer!!!
Your greek dinner sounds yummy...will greek food be the next food phase?

Have a good week,
Meg xx

Anonymous said...

Yes the nights are drawing in too. Hate the thought of winter, have really enjoyed the weather over the last couple of months. Have a great week everyone. Xxx

Jen said...

Oh yes, the dark mornings are coming. Oh well, I'm keeping myself chipper thinking about snuggling in woolly scarves and drinking plenty of tea while wearing slippers. Ahhhh, perfect :)