Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tough Week

I'd rather not repeat the last week. I've been sick, and we had lots of stressful things happening at school, so I'm pleased to move on. I'm still feeling pretty grotty, but managed to get out in the sunshine to visit my ladies today. They were a muddy pair when I arrived! Zanny is a lot bigger than Tara, as you can see, but Tara is a lot plumper. After a good mud and hair removal session they both had a shine beginning to appear on their coats. Tara gleams like gold in the sun. I think Zanny was pleased that I decided that it would be way too hard to force my wobbly legs to push me up into the saddle. She gobbled up her carrots gratefully and went back to grazing as I drove away. 
 Grape hyacinths, anemones, camellias, primulas and daffodils are the stars of the garden at the moment.
 There are anemones everywhere now. I love them with their velvety button centres.

 The daffodils are starting their glorious display.
 There is so much grass around these ones that I couldn't get rid of it with the daffodil stems and leaves tangled among it. The daffodils actually don't seem to mind at all.
 The blossoms are coming out. These peach blossoms on my tiny wee miniature tree are so pretty.
I just love getting out into the garden on a warm spring day. The soil is so full of possibilities. Well, weeds, mainly, but I can't help but make plans for new plants to put in and seeds to sow. I like to move things around, and wish for more sun next to the fences so that I can have more and more roses. I'm longing for plum and raspberry tones in the garden this year. Soft pinks and cornflower blues. Touches of lime. A lemon tree that actually grows and flourishes. Lavish clematis scrambling through the climbing roses. Extravagant bearded iris. Fragrant clumps of English lavender. How exciting! 


Anonymous said...

The garden looks lovely. We are trying to get sorted for Spring as well, had fun loking at all the plants at Mitre 10 today.
The horses are looking healthy.
Glad youare getting over your flu...poor you.
Hope you have a better week,
Love toyou and John,
Meg etc xxxx

Anonymous said...

hOPE YOU WEREN'T TOO TIRED AT SCHOOL TODAY AFTER HAVING THE FLU. The anemones are lovely as are the other spring blooms. The horses look good, Zanny would have been pleased to see you. Lots of love, Mum. xxxxx

Rachel said...

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