Sunday, September 8, 2013


The light has been so pretty this weekend. 
 My flower borders are in full colour. The wind was blowing today, and with the flowers bobbing photography was very tricky.
 I added some herbs to my arsenal of germ killing tools today. I've been gargling with a concoction of crushed sage, rosemary and thyme steeped in boiling water. They are all herbs with antibacterial properties, and my cough has been less intense as the day has gone on today. A bit of garlic would have been good too, but I thought that would be very antisocial.
 As I said yesterday, I headed out to do a feed run for the horses today. I had to collect the big feed sacks, take them out to the farm, fill them with goodies, and return to deliver them to where Tara and Zanny are staying. The smell in the car was glorious because there was a new batch of baleage, which is a fermented grassy feed that reminds me of the aroma of warm fruit cake and summer. The horses go mad for it and it can be like "rocket fuel" so you don't want to give them too much!
 I've got some big clumps of wonderful blue grape hyacinths now. They are at their most beautiful at the moment. So are these pink primula. They are doing well along the shady border.
 The flowering currant is so old fashioned. I love the fragrance.
 Shame about this photo because it doesn't do justice to Mum's gorgeous double seedling. I love these so much. The colours of the flowers change from quite a rich, buttery yellow, to a more pinky, apricot shade.
 Look who is winning the rosebud race this year. This is Cornelia and her friend Cecile Brunner is also keen to be the first rose to bloom this year.
 The glasshouse is looking all neat and tidy, ready for planting.
 Mr Mouse has to check it all out. He is wondering why he can't pass all the way through and out the open back where the panel was missing. How inconvenient!
Take a look at that magnificent tail!!!!!

I'm off to bed now. Back to school tomorrow, and I hope I'll last the week. Next weekend Zanny and Tara are returning to the farm, all going well, on Saturday. There is a One Day Event next Sunday too, with five horses to look after. There's so much gardening to be done in the afternoons now that the days are getting longer. I need to get rid of this horrible germy illness. Grrrrr! I'll gargle almost anything to feel better- even crushed garlic.


Anonymous said...

Hi the garden is so pretty and the glasshouse looks good all ready to go. Look after yourself this week and go back to the doc if you aren't a lot better. Lots of love mum. Xxx

Jen O said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, and love your post here on Monet as garden inspiration. I thought you might like to see what his garden looks like in early spring (a cold rainy morning in early May, to be exact). Most of the floral display is yet to come, so it's a chance to see it very early in the year.