Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Spring Sunshine

Today we have photos thanks to Johnny and his fabulous camera. He cleaned the lens and spent some time snapping photos around the house and garden for fun. 

 I stayed in quarantine again today, which was a bit sad because I was longing to go horsing. Never mind. Zanny is officially my horse now, which is so exciting. Her career as a brood mare is over and she will be free to enjoy quiet rides in the country, and a little bit of dressage. She and I have agreed that we are both past participating in the risky world of jumping, so she will help me to develop my confidence and skills in other ways. Hopefully my violent cough will have quietened down by next weekend as I'm not sure she'd be too pleased to have me barking with my whole body jerking on her back.

I did some seed planting over the weekend. We now have squashes, butternut pumpkin, lemongrass, pansies, cabbages, broccoli, delphinium, clove pinks, mixed tomatoes, capsicums, apple cucumbers, long green cucumbers and watermelons hopefully germinating in the glasshouse in trays. Johnny got me two big bins with lids, one of which is filled with seed raising mix, and the other will have a general potting mix. It is fun to get sorted out in the vegetable garden. I now have 6 rectangular raised beds and two larger ones (odd shaped to fit the gap). I also have the garden borders for vegetables and an area under a wee maple tree where I'm going to let the pumpkins scramble around this year. Miss Dog often digs in that garden, so I hope she doesn't decide to play among my developing pumpkin vines. Hopefully their raspy leaves and stems will put her off. I've got a lot of flower garden areas too, plus a strip of garden with herbs. It is an unusual garden for an urban residence, particularly one so recently built.

And what has Mr Mouse been up to? Stalking his prey.
Molly, look out!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome photos of your gorgeous garden etc.
I planted tomatos, sring onions and courgettes today and strawberries, with capsicums and chillies still to plant plus other things yet to purchase. We also got a peach tree, flowering cherry, weeping pear and 4 roses...exciting developments in our will have to come up and see xxxx

Have a great week,
Love you,
Meg xx