Monday, September 30, 2013

All sorts of stuff

Take a wee wander around my front garden.

I love daylight savings time. We just changed over so our evenings are lighter. I took these photos after I got home from the farm. This morning I went out to look for some seed trays and tomato plants and failed miserably. I should have gone down to Mitre 10 but I wasn't having fun shopping and wanted to check on Zanny, so I rushed off home (popping into Saddlery Barn for some first aid cream), had a sandwich and headed out to see my lovely lady.

Zanny was really pleased to have a thorough pampering. I checked on her rub marks from the sodding dressage girth yesterday and they were ok, and I applied some first aid cream to soothe her soft skin. I also gave Tara a hair removal rub down. She's shedding like mad too. Then Emily got me to try to groom the two foals. Fergie is huge now, and I swear her daddy must be a yeti. Big hairy clumps and dreadlocks were coming off her in vast clouds. Aria was easier and more co-operative, which was a surprise because she's usually the problem child. They both need lots more attention to their coats while they shed their fuzzy foaly winter coats because they have knots and wee dreadlocks hanging off their tummies. They are such busy girls and they nibble and mill around, torn between wanting a brush and being a wee bit scared of what might happen. I promised them I'll keep at it until we can see their beautiful summer coats.

I watched the new programme A Place to Call Home last night. It was really good, so I think I'll be watching that now that Call the Midwife is finished. River Cottage Australia is on then too, and I really love that, so I'll have to record it. I called my first vege patch at the old house River Cottage. The only river comes from the hose (or Mr Mouse doing his morning wee in the garden), but my vege patches would make Hugh proud. The animal situation is a little bleak. I won't be bringing in any pigs and cows, and have been banned from having chickens or a miniature pony (it would have to be tiny). Mr Mouse adds his own special touch peering decoratively out of the brassicas, and Miss Dog likes to keep my garden beds free of cat turds, a handy quality in a dog.

Tomorrow's activities depend on the weather. Rain = crafting. Fine = horses and gardening.


Anonymous said...

I was impressed with A Place To Call Home too and it is going to be a must watch. The last visitors were here for lunch so we are feeling relaxed tonight. Your photos are lovely. Do the foal lead yet?xxxxxxx

Poppy Black said...

Fergie leads and Aria thinks the lead rope is a big scary snake. I didn't even try to restrain them to brush them, as per Emily's suggestion. Yay that the weekend was a success. XXX