Thursday, July 18, 2013

A note

Just a little note to say "hello." We've been both very busy, and also very relaxed over the past few days. I have evidence of yesterday's rose pruning efforts as both of my index fingers have ouchy prickles in them right on the tips. When I start digging at them they seem to vanish deeper and deeper. It was worth it because I love pruning my roses, most of the time. I did say some very unpleasant things to one big rose branch that whopped me around the side of my face as I cut it.

We have been doing a bit of socialising every day, mostly with The Crafty Neighbours. Today we went to Rangiora to Femme De Brocante to pick up some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and met up with my dear friend and Teacher Assistant for afternoon tea. Tomorrow I've got to pay Zanny and Tara a social call, which will also involve afternoon tea and plenty of cat love. I'm thrilled about that, of course. We also have a morning tea social call tomorrow. I'm keen to do some more on the garden, but Johnny has made me some gorgeous bookcases/shelves which require painting (hence the Chalk Paint), so I'm keen to get onto that too. Photos to come.

I saw some little lambs today! Spring is on the way. Well, September is officially spring, but I like to pretend that August is springtime as well. I have some plans in the gardens to make things prettier. I sort of tried to have box hedging around all of the garden beds at the front, but the hedging will obscure my view of my favourite garden treasures like my miniature daffodils, wee primulas and other special things. I am keeping the box hedges along the two sides but am taking it all out around the main beds and transplanting it to other areas in the garden. It is unusual here to have cottage gardens with recently built houses, but I love a glorious mass of flowers, with self-sown surprises popping up here and there. I do love a bit of structure as well, so have added in some standard weeping pears and Portuguese laurels. I thought the box hedges would be good too, but they are patchy and take away the excitement of seeing smaller plants along the front of my garden beds. I am loving having a green-waste bin to take away my weeds and prunings. I just can't keep up with composting everything I pull up or chop down.

I promise some photos next time! I'm excited to share my new shelves as Johnny has done a lovely job.

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Meg said...

Garden efforts sound impressive. Can't wait to see photos of the chalk paint..sounds great!!

Enjoy your time off,