Sunday, November 25, 2012

Summer is on the way

Excuse my lack of a post yesterday. I had a very busy afternoon because I escorted Zanny to her maternity paddock over at Becky, the specialist equine reproduction vet's house. She went in the big horse truck, and needed two horse cubicles to accommodate her big tummy. She wasn't too pleased about the whole business until she disembarked and saw the lovely grass in her paddock. I am so glad that she is safely at Becky's house now because she will have the best of care. Becky said she has a few days to go, so I'll be popping in to visit during the week because she is five minutes from here. 

Delivering Zanny was only part of my interesting afternoon. We drove to Astek Stud after the drop off to check out an extremely handsome 3 year old gelding. This photo is off the Astek website. 
He was having a nap lying down when we arrived, and was super friendly when we went to catch him. Astek is a very posh operation. They have three amazing Warmblood stallions, and produce top quality horses. The owner was absolutely lovely, and obviously loves her horses. She took Wilbur, as he is called (Gemtime is his show name), to a huge rectangular arena where he was let loose to do his own thing so Emily could check out his paces. And he certainly put on a show. He is unbroken and was rather desperate to get back to where he could see the other horses, so thundered up and down calling, spinning around, and generally looked extremely handsome and powerful. I think Emily would have written out a cheque immediately if she had the money. He is certainly a gorgeous boy. I'd love it if Em buys him, but one of my other horse friends might have to go first. 

Mousie has been enjoying life, as usual. He likes to lie on Miss Dog's various beds. 
 Inspecting the backyard from Miss Dog's trampoline bed on the deck.
 I have been fortunate enough to be given several bunches of peony roses over the last fortnight. They grow well around here, but we don't have any in our garden, yet.
 We're having salads from the garden most days now.
 I ate the first snowpea today. I'm always fascinated by my artichokes too. I didn't realise that they come in lots of different shapes and vary in colour. I have three different kinds.

 The raspberries in my rampant raspberry corner are just starting to colour up. Summer is on the way.
And my roses are so divine this year. This is Grace in bud. 
 Then she opens up like this...
Here is Charlotte. She has this beautiful buttery colour when open. 
But before she opens fully she is very pale. Oh dear, don't look at the blackspot. I rarely spray.
 So pretty. I feel like getting married again so that I can have a huge bouquet of my roses.
 Or maybe I could save my money and buy more plants. I'd love lots more beautiful delphiniums. I only have this one.
 Now I've got clear evidence of stealthy pilfering by my strawberry thief. No wonder I never get any. Next year I think we need a raised strawberry patch. With burly security guard.

 The Crafty Family came over yesterday and helped clear part of my garden and The Crafty Neighbour cleaned out my pots ready for summer planting. What wonderful friends we have! Look, due to reminders from The Crafty Neighbour, I finally got my fence pots planted and the petunias are peeking out now. Exciting. I must keep them fed and watered.
 Well, this weekend has been Thanksgiving in the USA, and I am thankful for lots of things.

  • Johnny. The best husband in the world. 
  • My family - I can't wait to see them at Christmas time. 
  • Friends. It is lovely to work with my friends and to see friends every weekend. We've got wonderful friends.
  • Our lovely house and garden. My favourite place to be. 
  • My dear animal family- Miss Dog, Mousie and Zanny. Plus all of my other animal friends. 
  • Being interested in so many things.
  • Being able to create and learn new things.
  • Having a job that is usually interesting and worthwhile. Plus it pays for the above. 
There are so many things to be thankful for. No need to stuff and cook a turkey to remember that. 


Anonymous said...

Funny seeing Poppy stealing the strawberries! Typical labrador. The gelding is beautiful isn't he. It would put me off seeing him thundering round! We are off to Richmond to get plywood for a young man's Christmas present, and also potting mix and plants for my hanging baskets and to pay a visit to kevin and Carol maybe. xxxxxxx

Meg said...

Hi there..sounds like you had a lovely weekend.
Fingers crossed for a safe delivery for Zanny.
Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas...not many sleeps now!!

I am grateful for my darling Ryan and gorgeous wee boy, my wonderful family, my dear browny Stellar...for my interesting job (some of the time), to live in such a lovely place, and for my hair (on a good hair day).

Love you,

Anonymous said...

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