Monday, August 20, 2012

The Victory Garden

As I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to build my own wee Victory Garden. I love the Dig for Victory idea, and see no reason why I can't be victorious in my own way, hopefully producing my own food for a healthier lifestyle and to save money. I have had lots of success growing vegetables, however there is lots of room for improvement, particularly in the area of producing a steady supply. 

So what is a Victory Garden? During the later years of World War One there was a widespread shortage of food, and a campaign was started to encourage people to grow food. In World War Two there was a widespread campaign which promoted home food production. War Gardens, or Victory Gardens were seen as important ways of boosting the morale of citizens at home, allowing them to support the war effort. I didn't realise that Victory Gardens were also a part of home life in Germany. 
 The posters were certainly encouraging. Look at these beauties!
 I found this piece of gardening propaganda from New Zealand.
 I'm not sure what this young man is doing at home in his overalls, rather than in uniform. He looks way too healthy to be left at home. I approve of the hat.
 I like this one. I haven't done much preserving, but it was a critical part of Victory Gardening. As you can see, she is a very patriotic American. I could wrap a New Zealand flag around me and work on storing my vegetables for winter too.
 This fellow must be an older gentleman. He'll be taking these home to the Mrs. so that she can cook up some delicious meals. I bet he has some chooks and rabbits in the backyard. Rabbit stew for dinner, with some nice boiled cabbage and carrots.
 I love the posters which show women in the garden. I hope to grow plenty of vitamins too. Imagine how exciting it would be to bring in a basket of veges like these. No wonder she looks happy. Not sure how she is holding the basket up with one arm. Must be the result of eating all of those vitamins.
 This is super-patriotic. Read this and you'd be running off home to dig up the lawn. I've produced some enormous daikon radishes and beetroot that would make excellent missiles. Too woody to eat though.
So that is my very basic introduction to the Victory Garden. I've currently got a rampant row of overgrown rocket, three Brussels sprouts plants, some spindly leeks, ancient carrots and plenty of herbs. Oh, and some mangy spinach and tiny rainbow chard plants. Time to be a Soldier of the Soil. Well, maybe next weekend. 


Gigibird said...

by the way I think your new glasses really suit you ;-)

My dad used to have an allotment and every year he used to bring back radishes - but the thing was no one like them!...

I have a friend who keeps herself in vegetables for most of the summer months -

My raised bed apart from having my rhubarb growing has been taken over by my cats....doing terrible things in there....

Anonymous said...

I have planted some coriander and some basil (in a pots in a warm spot) that a start of my victory garden??

I wish I was a better gardener but I have had some success with veges before so fingers crossed it will be a better effort than last year (couldn't be worse!!).

Love to you both (and Mousey and Poppy).
Meg xx