Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I've had another exhausting week. Last night we had the school formal, and, as I had four students attending, I was required to put on my glad rags and stay up far past my usual bedtime. I'm usually far too tired to do anything on a Friday night. I did have a lovely time, but am paying for it now. I had a bit of a nap this afternoon, and headed out with Johnny and Miss Dog for a very quiet ramble around the neighbourhood to get a bit of exercise. 

Self-portraits. Never a particularly successful idea. But I thought I'd have a go so you can see the new goggles in action. This is what I look like now because I'm peering over the top to keep an eye on The Antiques Roadshow. Together with a frown, this can be an effective student management tool. 
 Sorry, the lippy doesn't match the spotty scarf. Bad hair too. That's self-portraits for you. Disappointing reality checks.
 I have just realised that I have seen this episode of The Antiques Roadshow before. The friendly eyes peering over the top of my glasses have now become rather dark and irritated.

I'm still feeling in a birthday mood, which is because I got such lovely presents. I am especially excited by this beautiful book. Thanks Darling!
 The wonderful thing about this book is that, not only is it beautifully styled, the projects are stunning and achievable. I'll have the first thing I have made out of it ready to share soon.

I bought myself this mag as a birthday treat and I would highly recommend it as a great read for vintage and antique lovers. Jolanja, my ancient bunny, is finding some inspiration. Her arms are in a terrible state, so she needs help to turn the pages. Privately, I haven't told her I am at a loss as to what to do about her arms. The stuffing is completely gone from one, and the other is practically falling off. Her furry skin is so fragile now. She is a dear old thing, and I've had her since I was very little. Looking at those velvet shorts, I wonder if she was originally a boy and I forced my own prejudices upon her and made her a girl bunny.
 Back to the magazine, I am desperate to have one of these:
 I have always wanted my own little hideaway hut. This is a shepherd's hut, which is a wee hut on wheels, like a wooden caravan. The one featured in this story has a wee potbelly stove (oh how I want one in my hut!) and a big puffy armchair, a daybed, and a bed platform. It is tall enough to stand up in. Glorious. I'm sure there's room for one in the backyard. Whenever I mention it, I get comments about having a whole house to play with. But that isn't the point! I want my own fabulous little lair for playing in. Wouldn't it be fun?!

Look what Johnny found for my birthday.
 I have no idea how a plate can be carefully cut into a perfect butterfly without cracking it. This has a wee hanger on the back, and will flap its dear wings around the house until it settles somewhere on the wall.

I've got a very exciting book purchase coming from England in about three weeks (I hope). More about that when it comes. Let's just say Ruby will be casting off her rosettes and ribbons (no, before you ask, I did not win them, I was given them by Emily and Viv- it would be nice to be disinterested in getting prize ribbons because you'd won so many).
 Once that comes, I might be able to make use of this fabric. I believe it is some kind of man made fabric and has a fine crepe texture, with no stretch. It is rather sweet, I think.
 Now, there's no show without Punch. Mr Mouse has been an absolute varmint today. He woke up before 6am, and started pouncing on my face, which I was unable to ignore. Little devil. On the first strike he stomped on my eye, causing an alarming flash of light. Not sure why I got a flash of light, but perhaps it is an indication that eyes are not keen on being stepped on. From that point on, it was impossible to sleep, even when I pulled the covers over my head and hoped he would go away. I could have shut him out of the bedroom, but he has a loud voice and I knew there would be bellowing, no matter where I put him. He is growing like mad and eating like a full grown lion.

Pretending he is in prison. Attacking the guards through the bars. Note the paw. Huge compared to the rest of him.
 Mousie's coat is requiring less attention by me to keep it lovely and fluffy. His stripes are more clear, and we are getting more idea what his final colouring will look like. He has quite a creamy tone to the light coloured fur on his paws and legs. He really is an extraordinary little man.
 I'm absolutely sure this is not where I'd want to be. Mouse is diving in for a gnaw on Miss Dog's tail. He is getting his back legs going and kicking and raking her. Moments later she was standing up looking indignant, and Mouse had a determined glint in his eye and was looking for more trouble.
Mouse and Miss Dog are now companionably lying by the fire. I did tell Mouse if he decided to have a lovely nap today I'd be jumping on his head to keep him awake. He looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth now.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. I'm still pretty tired. Zanny would love a visit, I'm sure. Especially if there are carrots and brushes involved. I'm hoping for sun. Lovely sun. I miss it.

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