Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend - over

It is raining Sunday night tears. The weekend is almost over. My feelings about that are the same as I feel about these things, caught on film (well, digital media):

Exhibit One: Jasper spraying on the lavender bush. You can't see his tail twitching and the unbelievable jet of piddle which made a big puddle on the paving stones. That's disgusting, Jasper!
 Exhibit Two: Miss Dog, tomato thief. If she's going to pick them, at least she could eat them.
Exhibit Three: Outdoor tomatoes, with no signs of ripening. Tragic. 
 Fortunately there are lots of positive things to enjoy currently. I had a wonderful ride on my newest horsey boyfriend, Chief. Celine said I rode so well, and managed to work towards getting him into a beautiful "frame." He is so comfy to ride, and does everything I ask of him. He is learning all the time, and so am I. He did a wee spook when one of the horses made a big clatter in the yards, but we both got straight back to business, and I hardly got a fright at all.

Miss Dog had her little friend Molly over to visit both days this weekend. She was very pleased indeed. She even shared her rawhide chews with the wee fluffy critter. We had ginger crunch, made by The Crafty Neighbour. It was delicious, and I ate way too much of it.
 I just finished this book. It was an enjoyable read. I could have done with more horse action. There weren't many "half broke horses."
 I'm reading this again. I love, love, love it!!!!!
 And the Wallace Cotton catalogue has some pretty things. Shame about the prices.
 Dahlias, bought for me at the big daffodil show last year. Thanks Mummy! So pretty.
 The colour isn't quite right because the white balance was wrong. I didn't know which buttons to push to fix it.
Cardies and floral dresses and tunics on the washing line. The string of colours made me very happy indeed. 
 Ripe red tomatoes in the greenhouse. I sent The Crafty Neighbour home with a bag of them today.
 Look- another reason why Miss Dog is smiling! Thanks Meg and Ryan for the link to the cheap trampoline dog bed for the deck. Miss Dog is nine now and we decided that she would benefit from some comfort when relaxing in the sun.
 I got this fantastic scarf for only $6.00. It is too fabulous to wear.
I got this very recently, and I am very pleased with it. Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfecter. I've got a very rare skin condition, plus rosacea, and sensitive skin. My skin really likes this, and the Aveeno tinted moisturiser. I use it instead of foundation, with a light dusting of powder over top. Both products cover as well as foundation, and my skin is happy, so I'm happy too. 
 Autumn roses. Just beautiful. Shame about the manky bushes with horrible black spot.
 Dear little pansies sneaking into a gap. I love the wee opportunists.
 My brown onion crop. I chopped up a big fat one for the pot of minestrone soup I made for tea. Mmm - my favourite home made soup.
So there are lots of wonderful things to enjoy about autumn. And weekends. I'm already looking forward to next weekend. I won't be having a lesson, but I will be visiting Zanny and friends at Viv's house, with fingers crossed for a ride. I'm working on tidying up the front garden, so there'll be more of that. Then the weekend after we have the Amberley ODE with some extremely scary jumps on the cross country. Johnny is keen to go too. And another date with my dear Chief White Cloud. 

Here's hoping for a fun week at school. XXX

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Meg said...

Hello there,
I am up at 5.55am as Henry has forgotten how to was a nice surprise to see your blog entry...yay!!
Love the photos. I am glad the dog bed was a good buy, I thought it looked good.
Love the have to wear it...will be lovely to brighten up an outfit!
Garden looking fabulous as usual and I am glad the riding it going well.
Nothing exciting to report from here...just exhaustion and dread (due to work today!).
Have a great week,