Sunday, March 25, 2012

Amberley ODE

Today was the long-awaited Amberley One Day Event. I was at a slight disadvantage due to a mayonnaise jar falling out of a shopping bag onto my big toe from the height of the bench. The metal lid on the jar is dented on the edge, and my left big toenail is purple at the base. It hurt so bad I had to get up in the night to take painkillers. Fortunately my Doc Marten shoes didn't press on it, so I even managed to scale the big hill twice. Here's the view from the top down to the trucks and floats. Em's truck is the big maroon one. It takes six horses and has sleeping space for six as well. Today we had five horses to look after. Billy hurt himself last week and needed stitches, so he couldn't come. Rosie, Kate, Al, Taxi and Lewis were there today. Rosie and Kate both had their mums to look after them (Em rides them in events, but doesn't own them). I spent most of my time with Lewis, Al and Taxi. All of the horses are very inexperienced, apart from Lewis. 
 Here's Al doing the showjumping. He got stressed and was a bit naughty in the dressage and showjumping. He jumps so beautifully though.
 Here's Lewis in action. He is such a pleasure to be around. He has a lovely soft nature and loves scratches and cuddles. He's even taller than my boyfriend Chief. 17.2 hands approximately.
 Kate is wearing ear covers, and they seemed to work well, because she mostly had a good day, although smashed up a jump in the showjumping when she put on the brakes.
 Taxi was out for the first time, and he was such a good boy. He wasn't very well today, and will be getting blood tests this week. He seemed to be running a temperature, probably due to an infection in a scrape on his leg. But he still competed so beautifully. He is only four.
Sadly there are no photos of Rosie. She's a stunning girl. Her other life is as a show horse, but she comes out eventing with Emily to give her a bit of excitement. 

We've only got two weeks of school left- nine days to be precise. I have a feeling it is going to drag a bit. The holidays should be lots of fun. The Scarlett Oak Derby is on, plus the big three day event at McLeans. I'm planning to do plenty of riding too, plus gardening and sewing. Actually, that reminds me that if I get on with the school planning this week, I won't have lots to do over the holidays. Good plan! 

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