Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Isabella de la Tour

Meet Bella. Today I was supposed to ride Grey Sam, as Bay Sam had already had a busy day. I got Sam all ready, mounted up, but as soon as we headed off at trot it became apparent that he was lame. When I groomed him he had a stick jammed in one of his hooves. It may have left a sore spot that hurt when the sandy surface of the arena pressed on it. So I had to take him back to his pen and untack him. Not long after he was seen cantering around his paddock like he didn't have a care in the world. That's horses for you. So I rode Bella for the first time today. She is quite young, has a few tricks up her sleeve,  but was a delight to ride. I did lots of cantering, which was a bit tricky because as soon as I asked her to canter she pressed her ears back hard and did a racing trot. That is Grey Sam's trick too, so I had no problem riding through that little issue. 

NOT the best photo of Bella, who is a very pretty lady. I had just given her a carrot, which she struggled with as she had to keep her bridle on because there was a beginner coming for a wee introductory ride. I've got her reins through the throatlash, and I took off her flash strap so that she could eat, and wrapped it around the reins so that it wouldn't get lost. Seems mean, but the flash goes from the noseband around and in front of the bit, then under her chin, and stops her from opening her mouth wide. I take it off if a horse is just chilling out, but they can get lost easily. 

 This is a bit prettier, but she wouldn't smile (too much carrot in her teeth!).
Bella is a bit of  minx on the ground, and I had to get my growly voice out. Once we had that power struggle sorted, and a brief challenge once I got on, we had a brilliant time, and she was a very good girl. So now I've got another horse buddy. Celine is looking into getting another appaloosa which is currently for sale. She sounds lovely too, and is another spotty coated creature. I'm excited!

I had a wee chance to play with my printer and hope to do some more soon. I also went into school for the first time this year, and am remarkably relaxed about the whole affair. Time to start some serious planning.

PS. I was so disappointed that I had to get off Sam today because I felt really confident on him for the first time since my fall. Luckily Bella made up for it.

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