Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm back!

Well, our big Christmas family holiday to the north of the island is over. We had quite an eventful trip home. Baz, our four wheel drive, got rear ended by a sedan just out of Spring's Junction (at that big, long one lane bridge). Let's just say Baz is in one piece, and the car that tried to violate him from behind won't be going anywhere for quite some time. Baz made a big crunch in the front and a hole in the radiator with his sturdy tow bar. Miss Dog got a bit of a surprise being flung around, but luckily she was wearing her safety harness and didn't come to any harm. All of the young holiday-makers in the other car were fine.

We had a lovely holiday with the family. I got some cool presents which I'll show you soon, and we ate lots of delicious food. Seeing wee Henry was just brilliant. He loves animals like I do, and has quirky interests. He and I had a bit of fun chatting about sheep poo. Maybe he will grow up to be a vet. His cat handling skills need a bit of work, but he is a firm dog handler already. Two year olds are wee sponges and it was fascinating to hear Henry's language developing each day.

Poor Christchurch has been rattling again. The day we left was the start of a new series of earthquakes. We've already had a 4.8 one this evening. They don't bother me because, having experienced literally thousands since September 2010, I'm used to them. I guess the fear is really of the potential for another highly destructive one. Our habits have changed significantly and we now identify hazards wherever we go. While shopping in Motueka, I noticed myself jumping and going on alert when a truck rumbled on the main street. That happens constantly.

Miss Dog is fast asleep on her blanket. I've assumed my usual spot on the couch with a quilt on my lap. Johnny is pottering around. Life is good. Love to all. I miss the family already! XXX

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