Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Horses and more horses

Ahhh- great relief as I've had my horse fix. It feels like ages since my last horsey cuddle so today I went out to horse heaven at the Butcher farm. It was a typical afternoon for Emily. She was schooling horses so I helped to get them ready and watched some action. She was working with some challenging horses. Lucy, for example, was wearing a flash strap on her bridle for the first time, and was not at all amused. She tries to lie down when things don't go her way. She's just a baby really, and is learning how to be a real horse. I'm very fond of her because she loves scratches and cuddles. Lucy belongs to Emily's mum. One of the other horses Em rode today was a real handful. I was rather scared for her, but she was totally calm until he reared. She sprang off and gave him a darn good telling off. I thought it was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. He stood perfectly while she got back on and was good as gold after that. Another one was a bucker. She schools people's tricky horses to get them back on track. I had lots of time with my horsey friend Ben. He is such a sweetheart and we are very good friends now. Oscar let me give him a wee scratch and stroke too. I helped with feeding time too. Every horse gets a bucket of hard feed and chaff except for the poor fatties, who are on a diet (like me, so I felt sorry for them). There are over 20 horses in individual paddocks, so it is quite a big job.

Oh- Zanny news. I told you previously that she wasn't pregnant at her last scan, so was whisked off for a hot date with her husband again. In spite of her scan, which showed it was time to make a foal, she was having none of the man in her life and told him to bugger off. So now she is waiting for another couple of weeks until her next "in season" time and hopefully he'll look a lot more attractive then. No riding for me then, but I'd rather she had a chance to have another foal, as it may be her last. It would be so lovely to be involved with her right through her pregnancy, birth and as a mummy.

Other little snippets of news:
-Johnny got some super tough shorts like Jim's brown pants and loves them.
-Jasper is settled and happy after his big holiday.
-Miss Dog is still shedding like crazy.
-I harvested my second tomato today.
-Baz, Johnny's four wheel drive, needs a new tow bar after his little accident.
-Johnny is playing golf tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day. It was very hot here, much hotter than the TV said. Shame about Baz's towbar but could have been worse! Love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxx