Sunday, November 20, 2011

Summer is coming

We had a hot day today. So hot, in fact, that I couldn't spend any time outside during the middle part of the day. My skin is exceedingly displeased by heat. My weird red cheeks are super red today.

This morning I decided that it is now time to work towards my first one day event, so Miss Dog and I got out for a brisk walk. Naturally, there was something very tempting at the other end- foals and their plump mummies at the Standardbred farm down the road. I had another spooky horse whispering experience - they are adding up, so I'm starting to think there might be something going on. There were two mares in a paddock close to the fence. When they saw us coming they tore around their paddock. I stopped and talked very quietly to them from a distance. They came over towards the fence. Miss Dog and I wandered on past them and admired the babies for a while. Then we went back to the other mares, who made a very determined effort to get close to me. I stood as close to them as I could and they were fixated on me, totally ignoring Miss Dog. I felt sad to leave them behind without being able to touch them. There was an electric fence and I didn't want to entice them too close to it.
The roses are magnificent.

I want some more bearded irises. Mine are rather common types. I want spectacular!
I love foxgloves. They are a mainstay of the cottage garden, in my opinion.
Lettuces are a large part of my one-day-event fitness regime.
I've never grown yams before, so these are keeping me entertained.
And look at this exquisite artichoke. Too pretty to eat.
The Three Sisters Garden is growing well (apart from the poor corn I squashed when I fell over backwards pulling out a huge parsley plant that had gone to seed). Can you spot the pumpkin, corn and bean plants?
In the glasshouse the tomatoes are getting very busy flowering and starting to fruit.
I do have one worry at home. Mr Jasper doesn't seem 100%. I think he will need to visit our friendly vet.
Here's my body protector vest. Miss Dog thinks it is rather interesting. I guess it smells horsey already.
Johnny says it looks like an anti-stab vest. I'm thinking that your average horse doesn't have the intent to stab me, although I guess one could kick the crap out of me, to put it crudely. It says the vest will not protect against "severe torsion or crush injuries." Not very encouraging.
Here's my larger collage. Not finished. It needs a binding.

Must go. We are popping in on the neighbours for a beer. Well, it wont be a beer for me.


Anonymous said...

Wo..the garden is looking sensational.
I pruned our roses for the first time ever this year and they have been so much better...just goes to show you have to put the effort in (though I will always be a crap gardener).
I hope your training for the ODE goes well...I should be doing the same...just for fitness, nothing else. My GP told me I was a porker and it was pretty harsh!!

Have a great week at school, only 6 weeks til Christmas..can't wait to see you guys!!

ps. Love the latest crafty project, very pretty.xx

Shim Farm said...

1) Your appliqué quilt is stunning. I don't use that word lightly.
2) Your roses...left me speechless. All the more cruel is we're in the middle of winter with a deep-freeze on it's way.
3) That ride-vest? Brilliant! As the adage goes, an ounce of prevention...