Thursday, August 18, 2011


I had the most wonderful birthday! Only problem is that Johnny (unwillingly) gifted me his cold germs and I decided to stay at home today rather than face my bunch of boisterous teenage preschoolers at school. I'm not sure if I'll go tomorrow as this particular cold comes with a nasty headache. Enough about that stuff!

When I got home on Friday I got a big surprise as Dad's ute was in the garage. My lovely Mummy and Daddy came for the weekend. Yay!!!! I really miss living close to my family, but I guess life has been like that for such a long time that I am used to it. I know how much fun I would have if I lived close to my siblings or parents.

I was thrilled to be able to share present opening with my wee nephew Henry, using the I-pads to communicate, who said "uh oh" when I ripped the paper. Sadly, due to ill lethargy, I haven't taken any photos of my gorgeous presents. I got the most beautiful bag from my lovely sister and family- a special limited edition Cath Kidston medicine bag. Amazing!!!! I got Visa prezzy cards so that I could go shopping. Great idea - better than a voucher because you can use them anywhere. I got a pretty green spotty scarf and fabulous blue spotted bowls. You know I love spots. Well, not the face kind, which still threaten at my advanced age. Johnny got me my greenhouse and Dad helped him to start putting it together. Unfortunately the weather has been shocking - snow, wind, rain and freezing temperatures. My dear wee greenhouse will have to wait for life outside.

On my birthday Celine and I took Sam and Dresden out to Maclean's Island and I was very pleased to be able to show my skills to Mum, Dad and Johnny. He seemed very excited when we got there and I was a bit concerned that he might think back to his racehorse days and give me a bit of trouble. No need to worry, he got down to business and was a delight to ride. We did a bit of cantering so I was pleased with both Sam and myself. This weekend is my first competition, although the ground is really wet and it may be postponed. Given how I feel (a bit grim) I hope that is the case. Tomorrow I will have to go over to Celine's and get him groomed and plaited after school if it is on. Brrr the polar blast is still sweeping through.

On Sunday Johnny and Dad worked on the greenhouse, and Mum and I went shopping. It was heaps of fun and we visited Stitch which always makes me happy. Poor Mum and Dad got trapped here (not that I minded) on Monday and Tuesday because of the snow. I had fun baking bread and cooking soup and casserole to keep everyone well fed. They were supposed to travel up to Whangamata in the North Island to see Cam and his family (from now on he will be Farmer Cam as he and Mandy bought a wee lifestyle property and they have chooks and two pet lambs). Now they will go later in the year.

I had a brief play in my workroom today but spent most of the day sleeping. Photos next time! XXX

Ps. Jasper "caught" a poor wee finch and bought it inside to play with. I think it was very cold and had crashed as he can't jump up on the bed, let alone hunt prey. I warmed it up until it could fly then released it. Hope it is ok. Jasper felt the glare of my disapproval.

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