Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today has been beautiful! It is our wedding anniversary and I feel very lucky to have spent lots of time with my bestest friend Johnny. We've changed so much over the 17 years we've been married. It hasn't been easy for Johnny being married to me as I battled and struggled with my anxiety disorder issues for so long. Being well at long last makes me realise just how unwell I was and what a half life it was. Nevertheless, we managed to create this amazing life together. We're both plumper. One of us is balder, and the other has developed a rare skin condition resulting in blotchy red cheeks. But we love each other dearly no matter what.

Today Johnny spent some time in the back garden, and mowed the lawn. I had a little bit of time outside and discovered that Mr. Jasper is also a keen gardener. He not only enjoys digging holes in the garlic patch and fertilizing the wee garlic cloves that are trying so hard to sprout, but he likes to supervise when I'm working too. So I had two loyal companions assisting me today. Miss Dog is a keen assistant too. I bought some lettuce plants to grow in my greenhouse. I discovered that the lettuce seeds planted in a raised bed pre-snow have come up - I'm very impressed with their determination. We saw tomato plants but decided to resist for a little longer.

I had a very successful riding lesson today. Mr Sam was a delight and a character. He is looking better and I had lots of fun grooming the long winter hair from his coat, and smoothing his beautiful silky summer coat. I love the way he seems to smile when he looks at me. I have never seen him with his ears back in a nasty way. I worked hard on my canter today. It was hard work because Sam decided to try throwing his head around then pulling it down when cantering so that he could transition back to trot when he wanted to. Lazy boy. I stuck with it and worked on being the boss. We managed to end with a lovely controlled transition from canter to trot to walk when I wanted to (not Mr Bossy Britches). I was really pleased because I got Sam to happily go into the wash bay area for his hose down. Celine warned me that he didn't like the new wash bay at all, but I took it very gently and he went in and stood for me twice. I wondered if the clip clop of his hooves on the concrete reminded him of his days as a race horse. When Celine does jobs and I get Sam to myself I just love quietly pottering with him. I am totally in love with him.

Tomorrow I'll get the camera out. I can't believe it is two weeks since my birthday. Time is racing by.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! How wonderful..who would have believed it has been 17 years since the choc thickshake burp incident...or the trip to see Pretty Woman!! John has been such a fabulous addition to our family and I love you both so much!!
Glad you had a great day, it is lovey Sam is such a darling...he is lucky to have you to care for him and love him.
Love you, Megxxx