Saturday, July 30, 2011

Multiple Personalities

What a great day! Yesterday I had a crazy anxious day because I had to go for the second IPL zapping treatment on my face. I have an unusual form of rosacea on my cheeks which has been slowly developing over the past few years. It has got to the point in one big patch where it is beginning to be difficult to cover with makeup, and as it seems to be progressive, it was time for action. Action means Intense Pulse Light treatment which, unfortunately in my case, really really hurts. Fortunately for the second treatment I had local anaesthetic, which reduced the pain to a tolerable level (i.e. I didn't cry and shake in terror whenever the nurse came near me). I would be quite happy to go for another round, should it be required. The dermatologist said I would probably need maintenance zap sessions every now and again due to the progressive nature of my condition. This morning my face looked and felt puffy. Not pretty at all. A good excuse for crafting all day!

Look what arrived!!!!! The Book Depository is the best place I've seen on the net for buying books at a great price. You get free postage all the way from England. The exchange rate at the moment works out well for us.
I've got to the stage where I want to try a few tricky things, and since my other two Stitch 'n Bitch books are my knitting information bibles, I thought this would have great instructions for cool fancy stuff. And it does! There are some gorgeous patterns too.

I have to say I can't work myself out when it comes to my tastes in fabrics. Multiple personalities may be the diagnosis. On Thursday I was invited by Fenella from Stitch to come and learn how to create a stack and slash quilt. I had the BEST time hanging out in the shop classroom, checking out what everyone was buying, sewing and generally having fun with Fenella, her wee girl and other crafty people. This was the completely insane result- the Jeweled Rainforest quilt.
It was all based around this Kaffe Fassett fabric that I have had for years and treasured. I've used another colourway in the Happy Holidays quilt border. Fenella loves to choose collections of fabrics and we had lots of fun putting these together. Believe it or not a great deal of consideration went into this group of fabrics.
I wasn't shy with the border on this one either - Glory Rose is glorious indeed! I put this on today.
I always feel I must apologize for my taste in what I consider to be gloriously bright fabrics. I am totally aware that many people wouldn't understand the attraction or the combinations. Well I'm not going to apologize. If you're not keen, try personality number two.

Tanya Whelan's Delilah collection jelly roll which I turned into this quilt panel this afternoon.

Not a very good photo, but you'll see it again once I've decided what to do about the border. It is about the size of a single bed quilt. The Jeweled Rainforest quilt is also that size as I find it easier to handle for machine quilting, and more affordable to create, than bigger quilts. Of course if someone wanted to purchase one for an extraordinary amount of money I would have to oblige.

I've been thinking about that- selling my craft creations. Like lots of blogging ladies, I've been thinking forward and backwards because I'll be reaching the somewhat terrifying age of 40 in a couple of weeks. It seems to be a big step for many of us. Suddenly it seems like I have to be all mature and grown up. I haven't had children and it seems like the door on that phase of life is closing. That's not really a problem because I came to terms with that a while ago (apart from the occasional teary outburst when I see my darling niece or nephew). Actually thinking back, I can do a lot of stuff I couldn't do at 30:

  • Make quilts.
  • Embroider.
  • Ride a horse with an element of style.
  • Knit and crochet.
  • Drive my car wherever I want (I had a driving phobia).
  • Play the 'cello.
  • Blog.
  • Not worry too much about what people think.
I'm sure there's plenty of other stuff. What would I like to be able to do at 50 that I can't do now? Something to think about. Actually I'd love to be crafting full time and selling my creations. I had no idea I'd be doing all of those things I listed above, so who knows what I'll be up to in another 10 years.


Anonymous said...

wow, the quilts look fabulous...I love both varieties.

Henry and Stellar and I went out to Ngatimoti today (I have emailed photos)...we had a fun day. Henry loved Rupert and Rupert didn't seem to horrified about Henry (Percy was most horrified!!).
You can borrow Henry whenever you like...he is very fond of his Aunty Fi and Uncy J-Wah...he will be coming to visit on the bus in no time.

Love you heaps,

Anonymous said...

The quilts are gorgeous! The bright one looks 3D on our screen, the reds pop out at you. I love them both. It was great to see Meg and Henry today, it is lovely having a wee chap about, and to sing happy birthday to Meg. You are right, you have done so much over the last 10 years, and there is painting that you are good at, and haven't scratched the surface....... Love to all, Mum xxxxxxxxx

Cassbelle Ink said...

Absolutely you could sell your crafts ...more than that, I see an awesome book on the way. You are an inspiration and have much to share on multiple levels. Let's talk soon.

Smiley hugs

Our Red House said...

I think it would be great if you sold your creations. I'd buy that second quilt in a flash!