Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

We had the most beautiful, sunny day today. Even better because I got to ride my darling boy Sam and I don't have to go to school tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't have any photos because the camera needed charging. Grrr! Sam hurt his leg recently so he is just getting back into work and is a bit stiff on the right rein still. I did a bit of cantering today, but then some cross country jumps were delivered, and Sam loves to look at unusual happenings with a suspicious eye. I didn't want a spook at high speed. Johnny got to see me canter, which was cool. We had lunch with Celine, her friend and her gorgeous mummy, then did some painting to help out. The arena is looking stunning with white rail fences. The jumps have arrived too, and some are already painted in the classic striped pattern. Celine is super excited about her new three-berth horse float. It is so flash you could live in it! I'm going to have several rides over the holidays because I really want to get my cantering under control. I'm going to give Celine a hand in the garden too. I've got a few jobs I want to do for her. She isn't a gardener. She has a long strip that used to be a vege patch, and I'd love to make an allotment there.

Last night we watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One, in preparation for viewing Part Two over the holidays. I was busy working on a cute little hat for our niece, Lucy, in a pretty green. It has a fancy scalloped edge and I did my best to follow the instructions while I watched the movie. I started with 97 stitches, and was supposed to end up with 80 by the end of row 4, but curses, I only had about 65. Merde (as we would say at Celine's place). I have another idea. I might knit the hat from row 4 up with a couple of moss stitch rows to get the edge to sit down, then crochet a contrasting edging in pink. Most of the hat is stocking stitch, but it is the fancy lace edging that has me beaten with its yo, tbl, rep, etc etc. I do love to knit little people clothes! Lucy's birthday is coming up and I'd like to have something I made to send her. I'll have another go today.

Don't worry Ryan, we haven't forgotten your birthday. You won't be getting a slightly wonky knitted sweater either. We started sketching out some ideas for our Garage Band music competition this morning. I nearly cried with laughter over some of the stuff we came up with. Very naughty. I love a good laugh.

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