Sunday, February 20, 2011

Worship and Weeding

A big hello to everyone and a rose to thank you for your patience during blogging term time. This is Grace (an English Rose), which is somewhat appropriate given my activities of the day.
Today our friends were having a "dedication" for their one year old daughter at their church and we were invited to attend, followed by a bbq lunch. Me at church! Not just any church, a baptist church. It was all rather interesting and the music was good. I like a sing-a-long any time. I wanted to interrogate the pastor and ask him if he was talking metaphorically or literally. And I'm still wondering how Jesus ended up with a brother called James, in the Middle East. As you can probably tell I have more of a religious bond with the big tree over the back than any higher power (Johnny says I am a druid of some sort), but I thought the people at the church were very friendly and can see the attraction of the church community.

I've been worshiping at the altar of the horse again. This week I was getting more confident and was pleased that I didn't have that lost, wobbly, way too high up feeling that I've had for the first wee while of each lesson previously. I did get frustrated with myself and may have even exposed Sam to a bit of language not normally heard in polite circles. I'm trying so hard to get my trot right, but have trouble maintaining a steady rising trot while steering in circles. My instructor kept telling me do this, do that, don't use that rein, kick him on, and all I was trying to do was stay on and keep going in the right direction. Poor Sam. I'm so unfit and blobby so have sworn to work on building up my fitness because that will be the biggest thing preventing me from advancing. Not that I'm imagining going further than being able to have a happy hack out on an amiable steed.
Note the hand position- when my instructor demonstrated on Sam I noticed my hands were too far forward, which was pulling my hold body forward off balance. I've got them back further and look more relaxed. The trick is keeping contact with his mouth without pulling on it.
Trotting. Note the tilted body position-I need to be more upright. When I get scared I go into the fetal position. If he stopped, stumbled or shied I would be forward already and would be more likely to tumble off.
I managed to get his neck to curve beautifully and worked very hard to work him in a curve around the circle.
Lovely boy. I love him so much. He was very pleased indeed when I discovered he loves having his forehead rubbed. He doesn't mind cuddles either. I just wish I could get my body and brain to work together to avoid being shamed out and mocked by Johnny (the riding expert who has only been on a horse about twice in his life). It is such hard work that I had 6 glasses of water in a row afterwards.

After worshiping in the house of the baptist's God I worshiped in my own personal chapel- the garden. Look- the first chili pepper. Mexican food- yum.
It is well worth growing capsicums around here.
The baby bear pumpkins are very shy and I have to sneak a peek under their leaves to find them.
Despite my efforts, the tomato forest remains a rampant tangle. I've started picking both yellow and red tomatoes off this patch.
The cavolo nero always looks interesting and is well worth growing. I like adding it to soup.
This is what it is all about. Spray-free, horse poo enhanced veges. Fantastic.

I'm sure you're all deeply curious about my week.
Monday- 8am meeting, School, 'cello lesson.
Tueday- School, staff meeting with deaf advisor, haircut.
Wednesday- School, paperwork time, exercise.
Thursday- School, meeting/paperwork, exercise.
Friday- School (going on the bus day), horse riding, dinner out??
Saturday- Big walk, Huge street party for neighbour's party with pig on a spit.
Sunday- Big walk, Eventing - I might hang out with the Butcher's at a one day event.
Hopefully some cooking, housework, 'cello practise and gardening will fit in there.

Ps. Martin Clune's Horsepower has been wonderful!

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Jenny at Red House said...

Phew, feel exhausted just reading about your week! wish we could grow veggies like that. jennyx