Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today was a windy day, and I hate the wind. So I stayed indoors in the morning and worked on two of my current projects. I finally got to work on assembling the pretty blue and pink quilt I made from fabrics from Primroses, which sadly closed last year. No wonder it closed if all of its customers worked as slowly as I do sometimes. I pinned the layers together but need pink thread for the bobbin, so now I've got to go shopping for some.
I also finished piecing the middle panel for the Happy Holidays quilt.

The colours look rather glorious together, but I'm sure it will be tricky to find fabrics that make me happy for the sashing and binding. While I'm purchasing pink cotton I can cast my eyes over the bolts of fabric.

My brother, Fisherman Jim, is in hospital after twisting his knee, which then went all nasty and his whole leg swelled up with infection. Horrible. He was out on the fishing boat off the coast of Auckland when it happened. Strange how an injury with no external damage could get so infected. I guess he must have had a wee scrape somewhere else which sent germs to the injury site. I've got no idea how he ended up being a fisherman because it seems to be one of those jobs that are passed from Salty Seadog dads to their Salty Seapup sons. My only experience of fishermen is from my comfy vantage point on the couch watching Deadliest Catch. I get seasick on a slightly wobbly wharf. Anyway- best wishes to Fisherman Jim, who not only had a terrible Christmas Day fixing broken boat gear far from the family (with a pie for lunch), but now has to be pumped full of IV antibiotics to stop his leg falling off. Well, to be honest, it would probably kill him first. Poor Jim!!!!! But at last report he was coming right and was being transferred to Nelson Hospital to be near to home. He might get some Christmas presents now.

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Anonymous said...

Quilts looks great!
You may have heard, Jim being discharged and is flying back to Nelson this evening to stay with Mum and Dad and Nanny...might be home by now I hope.