Saturday, December 11, 2010

So proud

My four feathered babies have left home. On Monday morning when I popped out to check on them there were only three, all standing eagerly in their nest. By the time I got home from school they had all flown away. How strange to think of them spending their childhoods cowering together in their nest, never leaving to explore the branches in their immediate vicinity. Then suddenly they are so big they barely fit together, their bodies fully feathered, so they all leave home, never to return. I've been left with a rather stretched and soiled nest, perched in the little maple tree. I do miss them because they were so fascinating. I never imagined tiny creatures could grow and change so fast. I hope they return to pull out my seedlings, slaughter the local insect population and to rampage through the raspberries. Hopefully next year I'll have the pleasure of another nest to observe and worry over.

As you can see, the birds have left a few raspberries for us to enjoy. The wooden compost bin has raspberry canes behind it, and I had to climb on top of the compost to hunt for the fruit. My foot nearly disappeared into something hideous, and when I climbed down I caught my foot in the bird netting and nearly had an embarrassing spill. It was worth it because the fruit is perfect. We had them for pudding.
I was also impressed with my first radish crop of the year. I've had great success with the daikon radishes. These are just a standard mixed radish pack. The red ones were eaten first because they grew super-fast. I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I pulled out this purple one. It was slightly woody in the centre and totally edible. Not all nasty and hot like they usually become as they grow bigger.

I had the last judging session at the Canterbury Eventing Twilight Series on Wednesday night. I can now judge show jumping. I was really sad to see the end of the competition because I enjoyed every minute of it. I saw some amazing horses and a wide array of riders, some fantastic, and others not so good. I hope to be invited back in February for the next Twilight Series.

Heather and Francis are coming tomorrow, for afternoon tea and a tour of the garden. I'm on a go-slow for some reason. Often happens after a creative period and is rather frustrating. Tomorrow I'll try to ignore the go-slow and see what I can do. I think I'm bogged in panic over the many Christmas presents I have to purchase. Family members- your Christmas lists please!

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Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your garden and the things that come out of it...yum!!

How did the visit go? Good I hope.
I have had a grotty tummy bug all weekend but seem to be ok now. I will have a wee think about a pressy list and get it to you asap. Only a few days of school left?? YIPPEE!!

Roll on weasel time,