Friday, December 24, 2010


I'm on holiday. Somewhere in my luggage my little camera lurks. We've been staying in Silverstream in the Hutt Valley near Wellington for the past few days. Now we are in Ngatimoti, which is up the Motueka Valley near Nelson. I'm wondering how the garden is doing without me, and I miss our lovely house, but it is being looked after. I'm sure the birds are keeping a close eye on my raspberries, and the daikons are becoming enormous.

This morning Miss Dog and I did our first training mission for a triathlon in 2012. As you know, I'm not one for sticking to things, so if I actually do a triathlon it will be a MIRACLE. We did trot along with the best of intentions, met a lovely horse, trespassed (well one of us did, the other was yelling frantically), and generally had a good time. I was wearing my new sneakers. They are comfy, although probably wouldn't win any prizes for adding to my sporting prowess.

Today we are going into Motueka to help Mum and Nanny finish their Christmas shopping and to meet the Golden Bay relatives for afternoon tea. Johnny let fly the horrifying revelation that he doesn't like berry picking at the berry farm. I love it. So I let some other family members go instead. Hopefully I'll get to go on the berry picking expedition before New Year.

Looks like Mum and Nanny are almost ready to go. I'll hunt for the camera and take some photos for next time. XXX

ps. Merry Christmas- Happy Christmas Eve!

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