Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flat at the wrong moment

Yes, I'm talking about the camera. Just when I was about to show you my homemade ice cream in the middle of the process, nothing happened at the critical moment. Of course, with cream and egg whites whipped and looking super frothy, I didn't want to dally. Let's just say that it turned out brilliantly, and the teaspoon of golden syrup and Crunchie bar I added in little chocolatey and hokey pokey hunks were a taste sensation. Thanks to Miss S for the tutorial! I'll have to make it again to take photos before I provide the recipe.

What have I been up to since my last post? I made some excellent progress on the bright quilt. I've been working on the runner for the top of the sideboard Johnny made (with the TV in it- I hate to call it an "entertainment unit"). So far no paint has been chosen for that. However Johnny made me another bookcase to go in the bedroom which will be a soft blue - very pretty. Johnny has also been busy painting the fence with his noisy sprayer. It looks brilliant!!!! I had fun pottering in the garden while I supervised the painting. I moved a few things around, including some teeny tiny lettuces that have come up in the raised bed No.1. I'm thinning them out. I also planted some corn seeds and discovered why my first lot of basil didn't germinate- old seed. I remedied the situation and am expecting a more enthusiastic response from the virile young seeds I sowed today.

Monty is very quiet today. He got up, snacked, vomited, then went back to bed until the afternoon. The got up moved to the sunny couch and slept. When it cooled down he got inside John's sleeping bag (don't ask- when Johnny had the flu he got it out and has been enjoying snuggling in it in the evening) and slept. He is now on Johnny, who is inside the sleeping bag.

I've got to get onto doing some work for school tomorrow. Sigh. Plus some more sewing. Yay!!!

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Tracy said...

Hi Poppy,
I haven't visited for a while and just wanted to say hello again. Your blog is looking as lovely as ever. The flowers (both real and stitched)are gorgeous.
Sorry you have had to say goodbye to your Monty.
PS My blog address has changed from the one in your sidebar.