Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earthquake update

I've had a busy day cleaning up. The main challenge was the chutney splattered through everything in the pantry. A bit tricky with minimal water use allowed. We've just had two big aftershocks that were very scary. I think either one of those as isolated incidents would have had us talking for days. They were quite jerky but brief. We could see the house rocking around us. There is so much damage around Canterbury. Everything from buildings destroyed through to cracks running across the land. The roads have been damaged, some with big cracks with one side lifted up much higher than the other.

I can hear the earth rumbling as I type. Miss Dog is having a frightened woof. There have been so many aftershocks, and also general unsettling rumbling which I can hear frequently. A very low pitched roar. It must have been absolutely terrifying in the Darfield area.

Much later- after a chat with my cousin C. from Wellington. We've had a lot of phone calls today. It has been great to be in close contact with the family.

Bye for now. Flower pictures tomorrow, I hope. I took a few pretty ones during the week.


Gigibird said...

Ding Dongs Fiona - I had no idea such a thing could happen to NZ!
I'm glad it was only your chutney that is splattered everywhere!
This doesn't happen a lot?

Poppy Black said...

No, this is the biggest damaging earthquake since the 1930s here. Our city heritage has had a huge amount of damage. Today Johnny and I are counting our blessings. XXX