Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pottering around

We have had a couple of busy days. We had lunch with our crafty neighbour and the twins yesterday, then S. and I went on a mini quilt shop crawl and visited Primroses and then Cottonfields. Of course our purses didn't come away unscathed, but our spirits were high. John stayed at home, but for some reason was happy that I was heading out to feed my current craft addiction. I got some fabric, lace and trim, red felt for a Jan Constantine project, plus some spray on basting glue. My quilting aunt used some of that to help me set up the geranium cushion project below. When I asked at Primroses if they sold it, the lady (who, by the way, was wearing one of the most hideous pairs of trousers I have ever seen- like turd smeared animal print jeans) said "we don't sell that here" in rather a condescending tone. Maybe it was just because they are a tiny shop, but I got the feeling she looks down on such things. Anyway, the jolly ladies at Cottonfields were only too happy to sell me a spray can of the stuff, and I set to work joining the layers for the lotus cushion below. The fabrics are Kaffe Fassett fabrics that I think are particularly delicious. I wanted to use them as whole panels, so have hand quilted them in matching tones around the edges of the images. What a fun thing to do. Well- for me anyway as I love hand sewing. It is a bit hard to make out the quilting in this photo. Curses to the little camera! As you can see, where I am, Monty is.

Here is the gluing operation in the garage. The glue is great because it doesn't smell nasty at all.
I have also been busy finishing the quilting on the green and pink quilt. I just have to do the binding now, which I am a little concerned about because I have to be quite careful with the quantity of fabric I have. I am going to keep it top secret now until after Meg sees it in person. Let's just say I think it looks amazing!

Miss Dog would like me to share these photos of her ramble in the frost at the nature reserve. She is allowed off the lead at this time of year because the ground birds aren't nesting.
The photo above looks so chilly. But the sun was out and we had a wonderful stroll.
Today I had a lovely visit from my friend and ex-student Miss H. She and her mummy came for piano, a catch-up and cups of tea. It was so lovely to see Miss H as she looked so happy and well. It is hard to believe that she is 21. I found some photos of her at 15 and she looked just the same. Her mummy had news about the piece of land they have bought to build a house on, which is very exciting. They will be moving from the country to a house with a view over the city and sea. The house next door to us has started and the frames went up today. Johnny and I are trying to look on the bright side, as we have enjoyed having the empty section next door.

I'm going to spend some time at school tomorrow. Loud sigh.

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