Saturday, January 10, 2009

Patching with Kaffe

Stop here if you are offended by bright colours. I happen to love colour, except for poo browns, ochre, mustard and steely grey shades. So when I visited Thimbles and Threads in Upper Hutt I couldn't resist grabbing a selection of amazing Kaffe Fassett fabrics to create a back-of-the-couch quilt for the lounge. I got my workroom tidy, emptied of boxes and ready for action. It is rather bare currently, and my desk is crying out for a good sand and paint in a pretty colour. However, it has been called into active service so musn't concern itself with frippery.

I carefully unfolded and ironed my precious fabrics.

Then proceeded to unleash my rotary cutter on them. Things were looking a bit dodgy as the blade on my cutter has gone a bit rusty and pathetic, but I pressed on, safe in the knowledge that rust couldn't possibly show up on fabric like this.

The best bit is laying all of the pieces out to make the design. As you can see, I like to keep my approach simple. Squares. Every hasty girl's friend.
In real life they look a little more sharp and clearly defined. Maybe the camera was overwhelmed by the sheer glory of the brilliant colours. The pinks, reds and oranges are not as lollyish. Iwas a little concerned that they wouldn't go together, but I should have had faith in Kaffe. He knows what he is doing with bright colours.
At this stage I have joined the pieces in each row together, and now I have to join the rows together. Then I have to decide on a border, which is going to be very tricky.
Other news:
  • Mr Bunny and Miss Dog are currently both denying responsibility for slashing (or possibly nibbling) through the stems on several of my climbing beans.
  • My tomatoes are doing very well, and I am imploring the cherry toms to ripen asap.
  • It is Dad's birthday today. Happy Birthday Big Daddyo! Hope the pavlova and homemade burgers were good. I am very jealous and wish I was there.
  • Miss Dog smells. We only bathed her three days ago. Any ideas???? Mr B doesn't want her in the house. It isn't her ears or her breath, or doggy farts.

Well that's about it for today. Bye for now.


Chocolate Britches said...

Mrs PB, this looks fantastic! How many fat quarter thingies did you need and how big is the actual quilt, length and width wise? The colours look so gorgeous together :-)

RubyTwoShoes said...

Hi Babe...the patchwork looks the colours together!
I am jealous of your large craft/sewing is a real luxury!!
Love Mxxx