Monday, June 16, 2008

New Challenge!

New week, new challenge...New challenge has been put forward by M over at Chocolate Britches...
Monday: 3 favourite pieces of jewellery

Tuesday: 3 favourite books

Wednesday: 3 favourite travel destinations

Thursday: 3 favourite hot men (just for some shallow fun!)

Friday: 3 favourite household items (could be anything around the house)

Saturday: chosen by Ruby Two Shoes

Sunday: chosen by Poppy Black

I have so many pieces of jewellery that I just gathered up three necklaces that are important to me. I love necklaces!

This one is very precious as Mr B bought it for me as a surprise when we were up in Wellington shopping with his Mum. The terrible thing is that I can't wear it. It got broken, and I didn't wear it for ages. Once I repaired it I couldn't wear it without getting a nasty rash. I can't work it out because the metal doesn't actually touch the bits that get all red and nasty.

This one was made by the students in one of the senior classes at school. It gets a lot of outings.

I got this one from Trade Aid. It gets loads of comments. People often try to make wise comments about what it is made of. I think it said quartz on the label. Sorry, not such a good photo- the flash kept glaring off the stones.

I'm tired, so won't write any more. Have a good week! See you tomorrow. XXX


Chocolate Britches said...

I love the rose stone in the first necklace - is that coral?

Trade Aid have some great necklaces - I nearly went in there the other day, but thought it would be a bit dangerous :-)

Hope you are less tired today.


RubyTwoShoes said...

Hi there...Your necklaces are lovely...what a shame you can't wear your gorgeous coral!
Hope you are surviving ok without Mr PB.
Love youxx