Saturday, May 24, 2008


Mountain climbing on my new house!

New coat looking fabulous! Weightwatchers starts again tonight. Good hair though.

New gumboots. These are really cute. I got them at The Warehouse, which I must say is up marketing itself quite successfully. My old ones are all split (plus I stood in a dog mine and haven't scrubbed them yet). These are for visiting the building site as it is rather muddy.

Tonight is the pudding-off challenge at Mrs CT's house. I have made a pavlova from the Weightwatchers cookbook. It has a meringue pavlova (rather than the recipe I usually use which has items in addition to the meringue egg white and sugar). Mum will know what I mean. Plus it has a ricotta and yoghurt whipped up topping (with icing sugar to sweeten), then it is topped with fruit. In my case boysenberries. Apparently we are having pizza, but because we are having puddings I am going to make myself a big salad to eat instead. See, told you I'm back on the Weightwatchers. Not going to the meetings though. Too many miserable looking plump people paying over cash to stand on scales and buy the overpriced, underflavoured Weightwatcher's food. My jeans are digging into my tummy and I've decided to make a stand. So Taming the Chocolate Baby will explore my lower calorie cooking experiments. Shame I'm so greedy. I'll set myself some goals tomorrow, and any fatties who want to join me confessing their sins and offering support will be most welcome.


RubyTwoShoes said...

This fattie will join you on your WW much for losing weight before the America trip...7 weeks to go and no shrinkage in sight.
Love the gumboots...mine have met the same fate so might have to go for a look at the Warehouse...they look cute!!
Off to update my blog I thinkxx

ps. the Coat looks great on you!!

Two Crofters said...

i was a U.K size 14 when i moved to Scotland 8 months ago - i am now a size 10 with a lot more grey hair - ahhhh the joy of building your own house!!!!!
t x
love the boots x

Dianne said...

Your coat, hair style and gumboots all look great. Hope your home comes along nicely and doesn't take too long.

Wishing you much success on your WW challenge and I will be joining you because I'm also trying to loose some much needed lbs.

Thanks for commenting on my site, Poppy and for your warm remarks!!

Anonymous said...

The boots are very cute. It is so hard to lose weight when food is so yummy.

Terri said...

Poppy, I love the hairdo! Good luck on your weight loss journey. It's hard when food is so yummy :-).